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Transferology 1.4.1 Release Notes


The 1.4.1 release introduces 100 enhancements and improvements to Transferology and the Transferology Lab.

Important Highlights From This Release

  • Improved sorting
  • Improved data filtering
  • Improved keyboard accessibility

All Updates for This Release

New Feature

  • TFO-2051     CLOSED     Add International option to 'Looking for a specific school' dropdowns


  • TFO-2052     CLOSED     International schools in search results
  • TFO-2049     CLOSED     Click on Edit course bundles in the search screen - error 500
  • TFO-2048     CLOSED     Lab/Blue Path - delete any course from the list, can no longer search for matches
  • TFO-2043     CLOSED     Blue Path - Deleted one course, the school was also removed
  • TFO-2042     CLOSED     Blue Path - lab user can only add course bundles to one school
  • TFO-2041     CLOSED     A Collegesource Employee is unable to view the location tab when they should be able to see it just not edit it
  • TFO-2036     CLOSED     School Group Name Header - Delete icon is clickable
  • TFO-2032     CLOSED     One particular glossary message cannot be either edited or deleted
  • TFO-2026     CLOSED     Online Popular Courses or Unknown Equivalencies should not be showing up when filtering for Standardized Exam
  • TFO-2025     CLOSED     Online only should be should be showing in the state column not the actual name of the state
  • TFO-2024     CLOSED     When exporting either Online popular courses or Standardized Exam, we should either hide the Distance columns or leave them blank instead of indicating "null miles"
  • TFO-2022     CLOSED     Looking for a particular school, says no match but view matches shows 5% matches
  • TFO-2020     CLOSED     TES Mode should not show up in the filter for Unknow Equivalencies
  • TFO-2018     CLOSED     Clicked on the Rules to view additional details of the popular courses, then clicked on the Apply button, glossary messages got stuck
  • TFO-2017     CLOSED     Should not show -1 miles when emailing replacement
  • TFO-2016     CLOSED     On the can't sign in page if you enter an invalid email it links you to create a new account but that link takes you to the sign in page instead
  • TFO-2014     CLOSED     Looking for different acourse/iflg causing the page to load endlessly
  • TFO-2013     CLOSED     Toggle between Depart & acourse a few times does not change the search screen
  • TFO-2012     CLOSED     Blue Path:When no course was added search button is disabled if you click on but it still enabled if you use the keyboard
  • TFO-2010     CLOSED     When trying to send an email to two email addresses for a replacement course equivalency transferology is throwing an error
  • TFO-2009     CLOSED     On replacement course equivalencies when there isn't an iflag present the message on the email modal is confusing
  • TFO-2008     CLOSED     On find a replacement course we are indicating filters apply when no filters are applying
  • TFO-2003     CLOSED     The alignments of the field names when editing a year term conversion do not match up
  • TFO-2002     CLOSED     The Save buttons don't work when trying to save a new answer
  • TFO-2001     CLOSED     The Answers links dont look like links on the program questions page
  • TFO-1999     CLOSED     Edit program doesn't show the existing DegreeWorks values
  • TFO-1998     CLOSED     Entering a US School Request and then entering a school request for canada or international is causing the US entry to get sent out instead
  • TFO-1997     CLOSED     If the new password does not meet the security requirements, system should not process request
  • TFO-1993     CLOSED     Separate is misspelled in the Lab's email program modal
  • TFO-1989     CLOSED     Error Processing Request when trying to view My Program Requests
  • TFO-1988     CLOSED     Got 500 Error when I clicked on the % to view school's rules
  • TFO-1987     CLOSED     The Results from the rule validation page dont show up unless the user physically clicks on the catalog departments tab
  • TFO-1986     CLOSED     Rule Validation page - Cannot use keyboard to access the Apply button
  • TFO-1985     CLOSED     Revising a lab user's email doesn't save
  • TFO-1984     CLOSED     View matches for Wright State University - Error 500
  • TFO-1983     CLOSED     When editing values with commas if the user hits cancel and then edits the commas are being pushed into the edit box
  • TFO-1978     CLOSED     The year type cancel button doesnt work
  • TFO-1977     CLOSED     On the School Management page the year type of None is causing an error
  • TFO-1975     CLOSED     The link on a user is throwing an error when clicked
  • TFO-1974     CLOSED     Find a replacement course equivalencies are showing schools that are not online only when using the online only filter
  • TFO-1973     CLOSED     Viewing matches on an existing green path bundle is causing an error to appear
  • TFO-1972     CLOSED     We should remove the School Profile Tab in the School Program page to match the student side
  • TFO-1970     CLOSED     One course matched and one a maybe but the warning message indicates the school no longer providing data to Transferology
  • TFO-1968     CLOSED     If a user doesnt select a school on the blue path then looks for a specific school on the matches a 500 error is thrown
  • TFO-1964     CLOSED     If school name was entered incorrectly and then tried to start over, the system is still trying to load something
  • TFO-1963     CLOSED     School referrals for an online university are not working
  • TFO-1962     CLOSED     Department field is completely disabled if the user did not select the value from the list
  • TFO-1961     CLOSED     User clicks on the Blue path - Error 500
  • TFO-1958     CLOSED     User can add multiple schools in blue path if they open different browsers or same browser with new tab
  • TFO-1957     CLOSED     The Less than 2 year filter isnt working on the green path
  • TFO-1956     CLOSED     Click on View Results in the Profile page - Error 500
  • TFO-1955     CLOSED     Look for a particular school for matches - Error 500
  • TFO-1954     CLOSED     Cannot add standardized exams
  • TFO-1953     CLOSED     There isn't an easy way for a user to look for a particular online school because we organize schools by state
  • TFO-1952     CLOSED     Cannot add military courses
  • TFO-1951     CLOSED     The link to the blue path from the green path is disappearing when hovered over
  • TFO-1929     CLOSED     Export Popular Courses always exports the first 100 results
  • TFO-1676     CLOSED     Emailing audits or equivalencies does not support multiple email addresses or CCs
  • TFO-1548     CLOSED     Find a replacement course/Matching Details Page - user cannot use the keyboard to access the "clear filters" link.
  • TFO-1547     CLOSED     Find Replacement course Matching Details Page - cannot use keyboard to access the "Return to Search" button
  • TFO-1365     CLOSED     On the Rule Validation page the school filter is searching for specific words instead of the entire phrase
  • TFO-1256     CLOSED     Unknown Equivalencies – cannot use keyboard to Apply or Clear filters location/distance
  • TFO-1223     CLOSED     Find Replacement/Matches - Cannot use keyboard to send email
  • TFO-1057     CLOSED     User cannot use the keyboard to navigate to Recruit Students--> Excel Export link
  • TFO-844     CLOSED     Manage Source Schools allows alias creation when primary school exists with overlapping fyt/lyt
  • TFO-556     CLOSED     When on a header tab with options the user cannot use the down arrow to reach the options
  • TFO-553     CLOSED     iPad/Desktop: click OK to confirm acct remove, redirects user to the Logout page
  • TFO-497     CLOSED     When you flip between department searching or alt course and iflag its holding onto the previous list
  • TFO-471     CLOSED     Equivalency email page doesn't allow sending an email to multiple users
  • TFO-325     CLOSED     Courses can be added from manual entry screen when an invalid school is entered


  • TFO-1976     CLOSED     Add Online-only to state dropdowns
  • TFO-1948     CLOSED     Add new fields to internal school edit page
  • TFO-1937     CLOSED     Online only - map, longitude and latitude
  • TFO-1936     CLOSED     New school properties, including viewing and editing in Lab
  • TFO-1935     CLOSED     Handling distance for online schools
  • TFO-1934     CLOSED     View changes for School list (aka search.htm)
  • TFO-1933     CLOSED     Load school's 2 yr / 4 yr attribute from NCES
  • TFO-1167     CLOSED     On the privacy policy tabbing to the transferology lab logo causes it to shrink to a smaller size
  • TFO-1041     CLOSED     User cannot use the keyboard to navigate to the "clear filters" in the Transfer page
  • TFO-1035     CLOSED     On the blue path the return to search button on the school results is being skipped over when using a keyboard only
  • TFO-1028     CLOSED     View School Profile link isn't selectable with a keyboard
  • TFO-1017     CLOSED     When tabbing through the second page of the convert account page the Email Lookup button is being skipped over
  • TFO-1015     CLOSED     When tabbing through the convert account page the convert users button and forget information buttons are being skipped over
  • TFO-964     CLOSED     Popular Courses - cannot use keyboard to Apply the filter
  • TFO-937     CLOSED     The apply button for the school name or course filter cannot be accessed with a keyboard

Support Request

  • TFO-748     CLOSED     In firefox if the user hits enter while focused on the I understand checkbox an error is thrown


  • TFO-2060     CLOSED     Update whatsnew
  • TFO-2059     CLOSED     Add copyright into footer
  • TFO-2046     CLOSED     Create a School - revise order of hidden/visible values
  • TFO-2045     CLOSED     Prevent online only schools from viewing location tab
  • TFO-2044     CLOSED     Remove "Less than 2 years" from drop downs
  • TFO-2019     CLOSED     Allow Answer's pseudo_course_rcredit values up to 99999.99999 for u.achieve schools
  • TFO-1996     CLOSED     URL Encode the password reset Base64 encoded recovery code
  • TFO-1950     CLOSED     Add line in Terms of Use indicating usage is for human users
  • TFO-1941     CLOSED     Ignore School's standingOrder when calculating active subscription
  • TFO-1940     CLOSED     Use one query to count number of courses per user bundle
  • TFO-1932     CLOSED     Necessary changes for "Online only" and "For Profit" Schools
  • TFO-1320     CLOSED     Default date range to previous year for Traffic Statistics
  • TFO-373     CLOSED     Tabbing on the find a replacement course page completely skips passed the Search by alt course or iflag link
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