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Transferology 1.3 Release Notes


The Transferology 1.3 release contains over 100 enhancements and bug fixes, chiefly for the Transferology Lab.

Important Highlights From This Release

  1. Incorporation of the blue path for finding replacement courses in the Lab application is new functionality introduced with the 1.3 release.
  2. The updated look of the Manage Course Bundles area now incorporates tabs analogous to the blue path "Find a Replacement Course" and green path "Will My Courses Transfer?" already present in the Transferology student application. The new tabs are "Replacement" and "Transfer," respectively.
  3. School administrators working in "Edit Mode" will see expanded access to customize information appearing on their School Profile page.
    1. The Profile Preview tab, "About" section, and "Information Links" are now completely configurable.
    2. A new Contact Emails tab allows administrators to manage how contact emails and request emails are routed within their institution.
  4. Transfer Specialists may use the new Glossary Messages page to create, edit, and delete Glossary Messages. When configured, these helpful messages will appear on the Match Details page in the Transferology application for students. Message types include Alternate Course, DPMask, IFlag, and Target Course.

All Updates for This Release

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  • TFO-1398     CLOSED     The blue path matches page zip code link cannot be selected
  • TFO-1397     CLOSED     Entering non-numeric characters into the zip code field on the replacement course filters is causing an error which isn't how we handle this in our other filters
  • TFO-1393     CLOSED     Updating Ohio University profile - got error processing request
  • TFO-1390     CLOSED     Blue path - click on "Clear filters", it resets the Sort option too
  • TFO-1389     CLOSED     Non subscribing school in school list don't show tuition
  • TFO-1388     CLOSED     Department is selectable when viewing blue path matches as if the school has been selected
  • TFO-1383     CLOSED     View student matching results got error processing request
  • TFO-1382     CLOSED     Lab Blue path when % hyperlink wrong bundle used
  • TFO-1381     CLOSED     Click on Clear glossary message filter does not reset the input field
  • TFO-1379     CLOSED     Delete or update glossary message with special characters, throws error.
  • TFO-1378     CLOSED     Using special characters in a glossary message is causing an error processing request to display
  • TFO-1376     CLOSED     Entering a huge flag filled mess in the about is causing an error processing request
  • TFO-1375     CLOSED     Looking up school Oregon AAOT causes a 500 error to display
  • TFO-1374     CLOSED     Search for different acourses causes the spinning wheel to spin non-stop even though acourse was already loaded
  • TFO-1373     CLOSED     Looking for a particular school in the Green path and no match is found - got blank page
  • TFO-1372     CLOSED     Transfer bundle not showing all possible schools
  • TFO-1364     CLOSED     Advisor looking for a particular school causes page to lock up
  • TFO-1363     CLOSED     Adding a glossary message is throwing errors instead of adding the message
  • TFO-1362     CLOSED     On the labs blue path if no schools are found and you click add more courses an error processing request is thrown
  • TFO-1361     CLOSED     The table that holds the course bundles for the green and blue path don't align the same on the page
  • TFO-1359     CLOSED     The labs blue path is allowing the user to add multiples of the same course which doesn't match the students blue path
  • TFO-1358     CLOSED     View matches between Blue and Green bundles, lost all schools in the green path
  • TFO-1357     CLOSED     Selecting Utah State University on a bundle causes an error processing request to display
  • TFO-1356     CLOSED     Green & Blue Bundle - Error processing request
  • TFO-1355     CLOSED     When running an audit from the program information page clicking enter on the program request checkbox causes an error processing your request
  • TFO-1353     CLOSED     A recruiter role is getting the edit buttons on the school management page when they shouldn't be able to edit the page
  • TFO-1352     CLOSED     Opening a details pop-up on the unknown equivalencies page and then moving to the next page causes the dropdown to get stuck opened
  • TFO-1351     CLOSED     When printing out a blue bundle or a student green or blue matches page were displaying the school name twice
  • TFO-1350     CLOSED     The blue path match button text is extremely small
  • TFO-1349     CLOSED     Glossary messages not being displayed on blue path
  • TFO-1348     CLOSED     Filters between two paths conflicting
  • TFO-1345     CLOSED     In firefox when creating a new green path bundle and viewing the matches sometimes the schools are not showing up
  • TFO-1344     CLOSED     In the lab on the green path the school dropdown formatting has completely changed
  • TFO-1343     CLOSED     A glossary message with blank message text is throwing an error instead of having required error pop up text
  • TFO-1342     CLOSED     Blue path Bundle - A Check for Favorites Only is automatically unchecked itself
  • TFO-1341     CLOSED     The new side buttons are causing a vertical scrollbar to appear on the page thus cutting the buttons in half
  • TFO-1340     CLOSED     The first user created message causes the calculation of glossary messages to count one extra that doesn't exist
  • TFO-1339     CLOSED     Find a replacement course - error loading courses
  • TFO-1338     CLOSED     Cannot save the edit info under About
  • TFO-1336     CLOSED     Entering an HTML body tag into a schools message causes the page to freeze up
  • TFO-1335     CLOSED     Cannot add new email under School Management/Contact Emails option
  • TFO-1334     CLOSED     When Removing an email address from the contact emails tab of a school management the removal isnt being saved
  • TFO-1333     CLOSED     The add buttons don't work on the contact emails tab of a schools management page
  • TFO-1332     CLOSED     Blue path matches are throwing an error that the user doesn't have courses when the user does have courses
  • TFO-1331     CLOSED     Adding a manual course causes an error that too many courses have been added when that's not accurate
  • TFO-1330     CLOSED     A new replacement course bundle shows up as if a school has already been selected
  • TFO-1329     CLOSED     Users should not allow to click on the empty bundle, they must choose the path
  • TFO-1328     CLOSED     Inaccurate last_updated_date & missing last_updated_user for school
  • TFO-1326     CLOSED     The Glossary message no longer displaying in the Results page
  • TFO-1324     CLOSED     Rejection course refarts are displaying no equivalent courses found in transferology when they don't in u.achieve
  • TFO-1323     CLOSED     A multiple source refart is having its select from line cut off in transferology
  • TFO-1322     CLOSED     Favorite stars on the blue path are causing schools found to change to 100
  • TFO-1291     CLOSED     Unknown Equiv export only exports first 100 records
  • TFO-1278     CLOSED     Too many courses causes incorrect results
  • TFO-1276     CLOSED     Edit school general information doesn't preserve blank in sis_resp_time
  • TFO-1268     CLOSED     State referral link causes no schools shown in the "A few schools using Transferology" section of front page
  • TFO-1261     CLOSED     View Programs/Run Program – screen reader reads the cancel button as button, it should say “Cancel” button
  • TFO-1237     CLOSED     With a keyboard a user is able to search for a school without selecting one from a dropdown causing the search to hang
  • TFO-1227     CLOSED     View Programs/Program Information – cannot access “See how your courses might apply to this program” via keyboard
  • TFO-1226     CLOSED     View Programs - cannot use keyboard to navigate to "Run Program" column
  • TFO-1221     CLOSED     Logon count is null but last_activity_date is not null
  • TFO-1179     CLOSED     The recruit, advise, and create new school icons are gone from the menu dropdown in IE9
  • TFO-1174     CLOSED     The less than 100 miles filter is displaying equivalency results that are exactly 100 miles away which is incorrect
  • TFO-1126     CLOSED     The blank school results error is referring to a school that I am not looking at which is confusing
  • TFO-885     CLOSED     Course count in menu on "Find a replacement course" path only work when you're on the Courses page.


  • TFO-1299     CLOSED     Test SSL on
  • TFO-1298     CLOSED     Change DNS A record
  • TFO-1290     CLOSED     Remove cas_inst_message references
  • TFO-1084     CLOSED     remove resources
  • TFO-1083     CLOSED     remove references
  • TFO-1053     CLOSED     Recruit Students - cannot tab to "See how your courses might apply to this program"
  • TFO-977     CLOSED     View Programs -cannot use keyboard to navigate to "Next" button


  • TFO-1384     CLOSED     OWASP Zap results improvements
  • TFO-1315     CLOSED     See if we can remove
  • TFO-1308     CLOSED     vm06 log4j changes
  • TFO-1304     CLOSED     Production deploy steps - 2 weeks BEFORE RELEASE
  • TFO-1295     CLOSED     Test changes to Find TES course departments sp
  • TFO-1294     CLOSED     Add large spinners to slow-loading screens
  • TFO-1279     CLOSED     Investigate JS errors on blue path
  • TFO-1082     CLOSED     remove ace theme
  • TFO-850     CLOSED     Test u.achieve 4.2 reference articulation audits displayed in TFO

Support Request

  • TFO-1307     CLOSED     No mapping to CAS uniq for TES military department 'CGC'
  • TFO-1306     CLOSED     Review and fix No mapping found for HTTP request
  • TFO-1305     CLOSED     Review and fix 404 not found requests


  • TFO-1385     CLOSED     Add last indexed equivalency date on school profile
  • TFO-1366     CLOSED     Focus on first form element when "Looking for a particular school" is clicked
  • TFO-1337     CLOSED     New school switching
  • TFO-1319     CLOSED     Change default stat behavior to monthly instead of weekly
  • TFO-1318     CLOSED     Move fields from general information to profile preview
  • TFO-1317     CLOSED     Enhanced server validation for email addresses throughout
  • TFO-1316     CLOSED     Email validation when sending program email
  • TFO-1312     CLOSED     TaRuleDataAnalyzer remove dntFileLocation property
  • TFO-1310     CLOSED     Make TES stored procedure names configuration properties
  • TFO-1296     CLOSED     Add TES Import as equiv_type choice
  • TFO-1281     CLOSED     Allow minimal formatting for school description message
  • TFO-1250     CLOSED     Edit School properties
  • TFO-1249     CLOSED     Manage Glossary messages
  • TFO-1248     CLOSED     Define School Links
  • TFO-1247     CLOSED     Define School Emails
  • TFO-1246     CLOSED     Upload and assign School Images
  • TFO-1225     CLOSED     Replacement course functionality in bundles
  • TFO-707     CLOSED     Use Modernizr to show or hide all geolocation UI
  • TFO-379     CLOSED     Prevent html markup in School messages
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