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Transferology 1.3.1 Release Notes


The Transferology 1.3.1 release contains over 90 enhancements and improvements to Transferology and the Transferology Lab. 

All Updates for This Release

New Feature

  • TFO-1441     CLOSED     Request Limiting Filter


  • TFO-1506     CLOSED     OR rules/Green path - found no matches for some target schools
  • TFO-1501     CLOSED     Lab - cannot add favorite while in Program Information page
  • TFO-1495     CLOSED     When checking which way you last signed in our email sent message spells minutes wrong
  • TFO-1494     CLOSED     On the blue path the add button does nothing when attempting to add a course manually
  • TFO-1492     CLOSED     Loading Unknown Equivalencies doesn't work in IE9
  • TFO-1489     CLOSED     In the lab looking for a particular school on the blue path without any matches causes a 500 error
  • TFO-1488     CLOSED     Add it yourself link is not visible for Central Methodist University until user changes the Term
  • TFO-1480     CLOSED     Newly added glossary message cannot be deleted or edited until the page got refreshed
  • TFO-1475     CLOSED     IE9 has course catalog but not for IE11/Chrome/FF
  • TFO-1473     CLOSED     Trying to load replacement course equivalency data after entering a bad zip code on your matches is causing an error processing request
  • TFO-1471     CLOSED     IE9 - When running the Audit, the spinner does not spin while loading
  • TFO-1470     CLOSED     On the blue path in the lab when editing an existing bundle the department is grayed out
  • TFO-1469     CLOSED     IE9 - Click on Add button makes the row expand and the yellow hi-lite around the button extends
  • TFO-1468     CLOSED     Ampersands in a course list are showing with their HTML encoding
  • TFO-1467     CLOSED     In the lab on the find replacement course equivalencies clicking the apply filter button multiple times causes an error processing request to display
  • TFO-1466     CLOSED     Blue path - Got 500 error message when viewing matches for some of the schools.
  • TFO-1465     CLOSED     Cannot edit or delete the first Glossary messsage
  • TFO-1462     CLOSED     Selecting organization, year and then pay grade, error appears.
  • TFO-1460     CLOSED     A request for information with too long of a custom message causes an error processing request
  • TFO-1459     CLOSED     Glossary Message ID is Partial Credit but the actual message says Full Credit
  • TFO-1458     CLOSED     When printing the transfer search results, the output looks a little messy
  • TFO-1456     CLOSED     Doing a blank filter search on the manage user/school groups page is really slow returning and sometimes errors
  • TFO-1455     CLOSED     On the maybes tab schools are showing up as ID numbers instead of as their school names
  • TFO-1452     CLOSED     Finished import requests are showing that the school name cannot be found
  • TFO-1451     CLOSED     On standardized exams if you change the year without selecting an exam an error processing request is thrown
  • TFO-1450     CLOSED     User can add a military credit without actually selecting a valid pay grade option
  • TFO-1444     CLOSED     IE - when adding courses manually, no drop down list to select hours from like FF and Chrome do
  • TFO-1443     CLOSED     If a user enters the match percentage filter backwards on the rule validation page an error processing request displays
  • TFO-1439     CLOSED     On the unknown equivalencies page clicking a grayed out button is causing the page to get looped into a continual page load
  • TFO-1438     CLOSED     The "clear filters" disappears once I click on it and re-appears when I go back to the search option
  • TFO-1437     CLOSED     Delete all courses and then click on Favorites % Matches found re-appears
  • TFO-1436     CLOSED     When only one unknown equiv or Popular Course shows we indicate were showing 0-0 when we are actually showing 1-1
  • TFO-1435     CLOSED     last_mod_user truncation problems
  • TFO-1434     CLOSED     Clicked on the program to view the audit from Colorado State University, got the blank page
  • TFO-1432     CLOSED     Columbus State Community College has not Program listed
  • TFO-1431     CLOSED     Click on "Explore Military Credit Transfer" to login did not pre-select the Military Credits tab
  • TFO-1430     CLOSED     Delete all courses and then click on Favorites the number of added courses re-appears
  • TFO-1429     CLOSED     Blue path search not showing courses from OR rules
  • TFO-1428     CLOSED     Error message overlapping password tips when entering the incorrect password twice
  • TFO-1425     CLOSED     Incorrect tca_source.department assigned during rule loading
  • TFO-1420     CLOSED     404 error in sherpa.log
  • TFO-1419     CLOSED     Viewing student info request shows non https resources
  • TFO-1401     CLOSED     Convert Account- Courses Converted Incorrectly
  • TFO-1396     CLOSED     A certain combination in the about editing can cause all the tabs to display below the profile instead of on their own tabs
  • TFO-1380     CLOSED     With over 100 favorites its impossible to view the second page of favorites
  • TFO-1370     CLOSED     nesting tags not working in the school description edit
  • TFO-1241     CLOSED     Recruit Students/Request – Click on the sort button in the Request column appears to be doing nothing
  • TFO-1178     CLOSED     Printing the Popular Courses page causes the buttons at the top of the page to print
  • TFO-1144     CLOSED     Toggle between the Blue and Green path does not change the matching result
  • TFO-1140     CLOSED     All courses delete from list but number of schools found for matches remain the same
  • TFO-452     CLOSED         ZIp Code in profile
  • TFO-337     REOPENED     OR rules not working for TES (or flat file import) equivalencies


  • TFO-1481     CLOSED     Revise column length truncation for rule_id and target_courses
  • TFO-1477     CLOSED     Remove embedded spaces and special characters within the target course portion of the target_courses column
  • TFO-1417     CLOSED     Refactor program info controllers
  • TFO-777     CLOSED     Refactor audit request controllers
  • TFO-772     CLOSED     Refactor school info controllers


  • TFO-1463     CLOSED     Change frequency of caching to allow it to happen once per day for the 3 schools in the footer
  • TFO-1416     CLOSED     Email logging
  • TFO-1408     CLOSED     Update Bootstrap to v3.3.2
  • TFO-1403     CLOSED     Change logging for replacement course path
  • TFO-1400     CLOSED     User/School Group Data Cleanup
  • TFO-1399     CLOSED     Restrict at a higher level super only edit options on school profile
  • TFO-861     CLOSED     Research OAuth 2.0 covert redirect vulnerability impact for TFO

Support Request

  • TFO-1493     CLOSED     Lakeland Community to Lake Erie College Or matches are not showing up as expected


  • TFO-1509     CLOSED     Decrease session-timeout to 30 minutes
  • TFO-1507     CLOSED     Add sales report
  • TFO-1504     CLOSED     Add uniqsToNotUseOrRulesAsCsv property to prevent OR rule processing for school
  • TFO-1499     CLOSED     Add Help menu item between My Stuff and Logout
  • TFO-1491     CLOSED     What's new in 1.3 section
  • TFO-1487     CLOSED     Delete previous versions of rule_document for target
  • TFO-1485     CLOSED     Use config property allowing defined schools to insert fewer rule_documents than 75% of existing count
  • TFO-1476     CLOSED     Increase # of internal sub elements within several RULE_DOCUMENT columns
  • TFO-1474     CLOSED     Correctly parse "x or y" units/credit from TES sp usp_TRNSFRLG_CourseSELECTByCDGUID
  • TFO-1424     CLOSED     Store school images on vm06
  • TFO-1423     CLOSED     Sorting of leads and advisees
  • TFO-1422     CLOSED     multiple links on program row
  • TFO-1421     CLOSED     returns to my profile instead of list of program requests
  • TFO-1418     CLOSED     Display Full/Partial Credit Messages on Transfer tab
  • TFO-1409     CLOSED     Recruit and Advise improvements
  • TFO-1402     CLOSED     Enhanced Batch Logging
  • TFO-1367     CLOSED     Remove not-null attribute for several NcesSchool properties
  • TFO-1251     CLOSED     Manage User/School groups
  • TFO-705     CLOSED     Add Course, State not listed when there could be multiples with same name
  • TFO-695     CLOSED     Allow school to set zoom level for their google map
  • TFO-687     CLOSED     FAQ (Questions? page in footer)
  • TFO-652     CLOSED     Share a course bundle (Super Only)
  • TFO-633     CLOSED     Incorrect message displays in the recovery code screen when user clicks on the link in the email to go directly to the Recovery code page
  • TFO-439     CLOSED     Clone a course bundle
  • TFO-437     CLOSED     CLONE - No text on fav. with 0%
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