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Transferology 1.2 Release Notes


The Transferology 1.2 release contains 90 enhancements and bug fixes for Transferology and the Transferology Lab. Both applications have undergone improvements to their mobile platforms and accessibility features.

Important Highlights From This Release


  1. Home Page redesign has a bold new look and feel
    1. New menu bar, including a College Employees tab linking staff directly to the Transferology Lab
  2. Added Searching for a Specific School when viewing matches on both the green and blue paths


  1. Unknown Equivalencies page now displays Year and Month on the details pop-up instead of Year and Term
  2. When submitting a Program Request (audit), the "Do you want to view how courses from another school might apply to this program?" prompt will only display for schools running DARwin 3.5.x or u.achieve 4.2.x
  3. Receive Account Expired message when subscription is flagged as expired during authentication
  4. Replacement Course statistics

All Updates for This Release


  • TFO-1195     CLOSED     Logging in to a user who last used the blue path is not logging the user into the blue path
  • TFO-1192     CLOSED     On an android phone the Already have an Account? sign in link isn't doing anything when I click it
  • TFO-1190     CLOSED     On an android phone the blue path is refreshing the page on every filter change which is inconsistent with the green path
  • TFO-1189     CLOSED     Signing up to a new account just refreshes the page without doing anything
  • TFO-1188     CLOSED     On an android phone we are displaying two create an account links.
  • TFO-1187     CLOSED     On an android phone the college employees page is preventing the user from opening the menu
  • TFO-1184     CLOSED     iPhone5s & iPad Mini – cannot get rid of the pop-up message in the result page
  • TFO-1182     CLOSED     On Transfer rules, setting a filter of Match % between 50 and 75 is displaying matches of 76%
  • TFO-1181     CLOSED     iPhone5s: Blue path - Delete All button moves down when school name is very long
  • TFO-1176     CLOSED     iPhone5s & iPad Mini - Blue path - School Name is not save after courses were added
  • TFO-1173     CLOSED     iPhone5s Blue path - View my courses is hidden in Standard view - Chrome only
  • TFO-1168     CLOSED     When you clear out your courses on the blue path viewing the results of one of your favorites throws an error
  • TFO-1166     CLOSED     In the lab when running an audit the users tab is being dragged down to the last program listed
  • TFO-1165     CLOSED     The default replacement course email entries causes an error when they are sent
  • TFO-1160     CLOSED     School Profile - pop-up message and school name are overlapping each other
  • TFO-1159     CLOSED     Buttons on Manage Source Schools page
  • TFO-1158     CLOSED     Button color on Check Transfer Rules page
  • TFO-1157     CLOSED     Extra rows/columns under School Name and a default value of -1
  • TFO-1151     CLOSED     Our less than X miles filters are displaying matches equivalent to X
  • TFO-1150     CLOSED     The state filter is all out of order
  • TFO-1148     CLOSED     Error appears when I tried to switch the Term
  • TFO-1147     CLOSED     Filtering results > and 1,000+ results remain cause number of matches to always be 1
  • TFO-1146     CLOSED     The manual add button doesn't look the same in test as it does in production
  • TFO-1145     CLOSED     On the blue path the distance sorts are broken
  • TFO-1143     CLOSED     Clicking the info buttons next to matches are showing little lines that shouldn't show
  • TFO-1141     CLOSED     Current location header line is not displaying all of the expected text
  • TFO-1133     CLOSED     When requesting information the program box is grayed out and doesnt come unlocked when checked
  • TFO-1132     CLOSED     Requests for information are causing an error processing your request
  • TFO-1131     CLOSED     Chrome and FF do not have the label for the zip code field and no option to "Use my current location"
  • TFO-1130     CLOSED     Course with ( ) in the title, the close parenthesis is missing after a search was performed
  • TFO-1129     CLOSED     The Add Course page was completely loaded but the search icon still spinning.
  • TFO-1128     CLOSED     Popular Courses - not filtering correctly
  • TFO-1124     CLOSED     The can't remember how I signed in check button is appearing dark green and hiding the text that used to say check
  • TFO-1122     CLOSED     The Import your Courses link brings up a thin line with buttons instead of the original pop up box
  • TFO-1119     CLOSED     Gregorian Calendar Exception in SchoolSubscriptionChecker
  • TFO-1117     CLOSED     HTML tags being used on the school results page are being displayed when they should be hidden or removed
  • TFO-1116     CLOSED     Going to the home page url while still logged into transferology causes the menu to continue to show up
  • TFO-1114     CLOSED     Search for Matches button is overlapping the school bar in Firefox only
  • TFO-1108     CLOSED     Regular expression error on student course during search
  • TFO-1098     CLOSED     Rule hashmap key showing instead of target courses on Student Blue path
  • TFO-1094     CLOSED     Password reset email - "update your password here" link not working - instead being redirected to homepage
  • TFO-1081     CLOSED     Incorrect catalog year range shown in audit header
  • TFO-1037     CLOSED     Safari private browsing doesn't load match results on either path
  • TFO-1014     CLOSED     Return to Search on Replacement path takes user back to profile or whatever page got them there first
  • TFO-988     CLOSED     LabUser accessible school inconsistency
  • TFO-940     CLOSED     Only share programs run for this school is displaying below the checkbox on a request for information
  • TFO-939     CLOSED     As a school admin, running an audit including students course work causes an error processing request to appear
  • TFO-932     CLOSED     Mobile menu on an actual phone is wrapping and hiding buttons
  • TFO-910     CLOSED     In IE11 our menu is too far to the side which causes an impact with the scrollbar
  • TFO-897     CLOSED     Transferology (Student Side) - Print button does not work in Firefox
  • TFO-867     CLOSED     Transferology -Expand All/Collapse All Feature not Working in the Audit
  • TFO-864     CLOSED     View Traffic Statistics - error message generates when date range is typed in.
  • TFO-363     CLOSED     print audit css is wacky


  • TFO-1135     CLOSED     In IE8 the school search doesnt work when selecting one that might apply to your program
  • TFO-1134     CLOSED     whats new page & the about page broken image link to triangles.svg
  • TFO-1125     CLOSED     The highlight box when you tab to the transferology home link isnt highlighting the entire name as it should
  • TFO-1088     CLOSED     Popular Course database changes
  • TFO-1086     CLOSED     fix small variations


  • TFO-1121     CLOSED     Course Catalog Transformer
  • TFO-1111     CLOSED     IE Testing
  • TFO-1110     CLOSED     Use different index directory for TEST environment
  • TFO-1109     CLOSED     Move PROD remote search webapp /srms to vm07
  • TFO-1097     CLOSED     Back out Popular Course changes
  • TFO-1042     CLOSED     Move JS from freemarker to external js files where possible
  • TFO-853     CLOSED     Rename NcesSchool.hasEquivData bean property, getter, setter and label shown in lab
  • TFO-851     CLOSED     Test u.achieve refart audit with multiple ref courses causing the display to span multiple lines

Support Request

  • TFO-1136     CLOSED     Click on Start Over clears the unsubscribe school but does not remove the unsubscribe message


  • TFO-1171     CLOSED     Need pre and post Source school CourseTransformers
  • TFO-1154     CLOSED     Harvester - Course catalog transformer - Nebraska Wesleyan
  • TFO-1153     CLOSED     Harvester - Course Catalog Transformer
  • TFO-1137     CLOSED     Course catalog transformer - Nebraska Wesleyan
  • TFO-1113     CLOSED     New Subscription tab
  • TFO-1112     CLOSED     Replace "course you've already taken" with "your courses"
  • TFO-1107     CLOSED     Replacement Course Statistics added to Transferology Lab
  • TFO-1105     CLOSED     Add columns and properties to NcesSchool
  • TFO-1104     CLOSED     Course Imports and Program Status - constant spinner for "Pending" - change to failed
  • TFO-1103     CLOSED     Revise welcome page
  • TFO-1102     CLOSED     Deny lab authentication for inactive Lab users and inactive schools
  • TFO-1101     CLOSED     Final front page changes
  • TFO-1100     CLOSED new homepage enhancements
  • TFO-1099     CLOSED     Unknown equivalencies show Year Month instead of Year Term
  • TFO-1096     CLOSED     Create page to check lab user account extensions at a high-level - INTERNAL TOOL
  • TFO-1091     CLOSED     specific school selection
  • TFO-1090     CLOSED     Display rule messages on blue side
  • TFO-1074     CLOSED     Allow IA course preview to work with variable length course departments
  • TFO-1058     CLOSED     Don't allow reference articulation audits for u.achieve 4.1.x schools
  • TFO-1033     CLOSED     Add date ranges to email in replacement course email
  • TFO-1009     CLOSED     When the user clicks on Start Over, the number of matches should be automatically updated too
  • TFO-883     CLOSED     Behavior change for School Profile's "Navigate away from Transferology?" modal
  • TFO-717     CLOSED     Mac: Safari &Chrome - "Privacy" & "Policy" should be in one line
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