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Transferology 1.1 Release Notes


The Transferology 1.1 release contains over 100 enhancements and bug fixes for Transferology and the Transferology Lab. Functionality for students has been expanded to find credit accepted by their school. Staff have additional functionality to identify possible new equivalencies for their school, which will prove particularly useful for Transfer Specialists. Several mobile device improvements have also been implemented, along with enhancements to keyboard navigation and spoken word accessibility.

See important highlights below for more details.

Important Highlights From This Release

  • Students may use the new Find a Replacement Course path to find courses to complete at another school that may be transferred back to the home school for credit.
  • Transfer Specialists may use the new Popular Courses feature to view which courses students are adding into Transferology and use this information to increase matching.
  • Transfer Specialists may use the new Unknown Equivalencies feature to identify "unknown" equivalencies with unclear articulation rules and be more proactive with rule building.

All Updates for This Release

New Feature

  • TFO-901     CLOSED     Add text on the add courses page of both paths


  • TFO-1007     CLOSED     We should probably update the link "Visit Transferology Lab" to link to test instead of production
  • TFO-1006     CLOSED     We should use SE or something similar on our state filter instead of null for Standardized Exams
  • TFO-1005     CLOSED     On the blue path adding favorites starting over and then trying to view the favorites course results from the favorites page causes an error processing request
  • TFO-1003     CLOSED     Internal stat page errors on all stats
  • TFO-1000     CLOSED     Link in Transferology Lab to legacy goes to TEST and not production
  • TFO-999     CLOSED     When viewing the audits, the favorite icon appears in the wrong place
  • TFO-997     CLOSED     Unknown Equivalencies - The printing option does not appear to be working correctly
  • TFO-994     CLOSED     On the blue path finding matches and then returning causes the add course manually link to disappear
  • TFO-993     CLOSED     Unknown Equivalencies - courses order are moving around when export to excel
  • TFO-987     CLOSED     Some letters appear to be hidden for the word "transfer" when using iPhone to access the Transferology Home page
  • TFO-986     CLOSED     The rule validation misses are extending outside of the space allotted
  • TFO-985     CLOSED     The Total Depts header doesn't quite fit on the rule validation page. The s is wrapping when it shouldn't
  • TFO-984     CLOSED     The roles displayed on a lab user's profile are not accurately displaying all the roles applicable to that user
  • TFO-983     CLOSED     Don't show My Import Requests section on Find a Replacement Course page
  • TFO-981     CLOSED     On a Galaxy Tablet I cannot scroll to a year higher than 2000
  • TFO-980     CLOSED     Password error text on login overlapps with message
  • TFO-979     CLOSED     Invalid departments are no longer displaying the not found message transferology used to
  • TFO-976     CLOSED     Entering a removed account email address into the I can't remember how I last logged in functionality doesn't send an email or inform the user the accounts invalid
  • TFO-975     CLOSED     Blue path - view matches box and school name is overlapping each other
  • TFO-974     CLOSED     Resetting your password with a recovery code doesn't hold onto which path the user was on
  • TFO-971     CLOSED     Mobile login menu issues
  • TFO-967     CLOSED     Popular courses are calculating using the courses added in the blue path when they shouldn't
  • TFO-965     CLOSED     There is an underline for Will my courses transfer? but there isn't for Find a replacement course
  • TFO-961     CLOSED     On the blue path after clicking start over a user is still able to add a manual course that shows up as their previous school selected
  • TFO-960     CLOSED     There is an underline for the Search for Matches for the green path but not blue path
  • TFO-958     CLOSED     The filter on the blue path hangs with a loading message
  • TFO-956     CLOSED     View Traffic Statistics - Error processing request when trying to export weekly added courses
  • TFO-953     CLOSED     We need to be consistent on the users tab on whether we are using the name Equivalency Managers or Transfer Specialists
  • TFO-952     CLOSED     Popular Courses - School should appear in the list if it does not meet the filter criteria
  • TFO-950     CLOSED     Popular Courses - Error Loading courses when school doest not found in a certain sort/filter
  • TFO-948     CLOSED     Larger numbers of matches on the blue path cause the numbers to get pushed out of the selectable boxes
  • TFO-947     CLOSED     Export popular courses show as null miles under distance when "Include my school?" option is unchecked
  • TFO-945     CLOSED     Adding courses on the blue path is causing the scrollbar on the page to move
  • TFO-944     CLOSED     On the blue path when scrolling to a second page of results the sort dropdown is reverting back to Best Match
  • TFO-940     RESOLVED     Only share programs run for this school is displaying below the checkbox on a request for information
  • TFO-932     CLOSED     Mobile menu on an actual phone is wrapping and hiding buttons
  • TFO-930     CLOSED     Facebook & Google names longer than 30 characters are unable to create an account in Transferology
  • TFO-928     CLOSED     Popular Courses - Rules icon looks the same as the Search icon
  • TFO-927     CLOSED     Popular Courses - Error Loading popular courses
  • TFO-926     CLOSED     Two separate alternate id's are displaying so close together they look like they are one large alternate id
  • TFO-925     CLOSED     Error trying to add new school
  • TFO-923     CLOSED     The footer links are displaying two totally separate shades of blue between the lab and student app
  • TFO-922     CLOSED     On an ipad mini in standard view when viewing a schools program on the green path the see how your courses might apply and request info boxes are forming into one big button
  • TFO-921     CLOSED     On an ipad mini in standard view when scrolling through green path matches the programs link is displaying below the green bar in the matches
  • TFO-920     CLOSED     Program Requests page - we should probably change the help description from "plans" to "programs" to match the program page
  • TFO-919     CLOSED     Unknown Equivalencies - Loading progress status continue forever without throwing error messages
  • TFO-918     CLOSED     Unknown Equivalencies: Excel Export error "Error Processing Your Request"
  • TFO-917     CLOSED     Unknown Equivalencies: Click Next few times got error loading courses
  • TFO-916     CLOSED     We use two different loading icons throughout transferology
  • TFO-913     CLOSED     Updating facebook and removing the attached facebook account between two tabs is causing an error processing your request to be thrown
  • TFO-912     CLOSED     Courses not alpha sorting in lab on side by side guide if from TES
  • TFO-911     CLOSED     Transferology "View Equivalencies" not in numeric order
  • TFO-909     CLOSED     When a new user comes to the path decision page if they click the transferology logo it takes them to the green path instead of forcing them to make a decision
  • TFO-908     CLOSED     Notification links are allowing the user to view green path options while still displaying the blue path header
  • TFO-885     CLOSED     Course count in menu on "Find a replacement course" path only work when you're on the Courses page.
  • TFO-884     CLOSED     broken links on when access through the state linked site
  • TFO-872     CLOSED     Error when deleting lab user
  • TFO-855     CLOSED     ZipCode's not being cached / read from cache correctly
  • TFO-819     CLOSED     Multiple glossary message icons being shown
  • TFO-795     CLOSED     Ending 9999 December
  • TFO-493     CLOSED     On a touch screen there's no way for the user to know where the links on the adivising student or student leads pages go


  • TFO-954     CLOSED     Keyboard navigation is finding a hidden link beneath the school profile image
  • TFO-914     CLOSED     Need to update the delete all text to a white because the dark blue is too dark
  • TFO-899     CLOSED     1st pass at new menu accessibility
  • TFO-786     CLOSED     When increasing Text Only the "Find schools that accept my coursework" button is wrapping awkwardly
  • TFO-785     CLOSED     Menu keyboard navigation improvements

Action Item

  • TFO-407     CLOSED     Inconsistent buttons on match results path


  • TFO-946     CLOSED     Capital letters in words???
  • TFO-941     CLOSED     Database changes for 1.1
  • TFO-936     CLOSED     Add gzip to apache on vm06 and vm08
  • TFO-935     CLOSED     Rebuild zipcode table
  • TFO-933     CLOSED     Upgrade Google Analytics to Universal Analytics
  • TFO-915     CLOSED     update location page to require latitude & longitude (address no longer changes map)
  • TFO-905     CLOSED     Add text and link to start over and clear the selected school and its course on Find Replacement Course page.
  • TFO-904     CLOSED     Add message when chosen school doesn't subscribe on Find Replacement Course page
  • TFO-903     CLOSED     Add some text on the school results when no schools with matches are found.
  • TFO-902     CLOSED     On the match details page in Find a Replacement Course change the text "after transferring" to something a little clearer
  • TFO-898     CLOSED     update database with path field
  • TFO-895     CLOSED     Add Pagination Capability
  • TFO-873     CLOSED     Numerous selects on school profile page
  • TFO-869     CLOSED     UserAudits should be fetched lazily
  • TFO-835     CLOSED     Remove full course list load when adding courses
  • TFO-761     CLOSED     Replace typeahead with text filter

Support Request

  • TFO-973     CLOSED     Need to remove Programs link from the mobile menu
  • TFO-972     CLOSED     Mobile blue path match buttons are covering up school names
  • TFO-929     CLOSED     Archived links are displaying as yes on an export which doesn't make any sense


  • TFO-1008     CLOSED     Restrict editing of tuitions fields
  • TFO-998     CLOSED     Adding courses, default term and year values
  • TFO-978     CLOSED     Prevent adding duplicate courses
  • TFO-970     CLOSED     The export file always set to studentLeads.csv regarding if the user is exporting Need Advising list or Active Leads
  • TFO-969     CLOSED     Less than IE8 is not rendering correctly in the Lab
  • TFO-968     CLOSED     Prevent IE usage less than 8 from the welcome.htm page
  • TFO-942     CLOSED     School property - EquivSortType
  • TFO-931     CLOSED     Could we make a slight modification for the Blue button to be the same size as the Green button?
  • TFO-896     CLOSED     Add two path decision page.
  • TFO-891     CLOSED     Allow Transfer Specialist role to "Revalidate" rules on Check Transfer Rules page
  • TFO-878     CLOSED     Add Popular Courses functionality- Logging
  • TFO-877     CLOSED     new navigation for other second path
  • TFO-876     CLOSED     update columns to restrict nulls for next release
  • TFO-874     CLOSED     Add Equivalency Misses functionality- Batch Services
  • TFO-856     CLOSED     Add Reverse Target Search Functionality
  • TFO-831     CLOSED     Choose rule without dpmask over rule with dpmask
  • TFO-798     CLOSED     Add Equivalency Misses functionality- UI and Logging
  • TFO-797     CLOSED     Add Popular Courses functionality- UI
  • TFO-766     CLOSED     Text Change for Audit Grade-Related Disclaimer
  • TFO-414     CLOSED     inline editing for school name and school description for school admins
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