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Transferology 1.8 Release Notes


Date May 01, 2018
Issues 156 issues



The 1.8 release introduces over 135 enhancements and improvements to Transferology and the Transferology Lab, including mostly backend changes:

Important Highlights From This Release

  • Popular Courses indicates if your school has a current transfer rule for a course, plus you can create TES Evaluations from Popular Courses
  • Next day equivalency refresh for DARwin/uAchieve schools
  • Automatic check transfer rule validation after equivalency reloads
  • Provide uAchieve HTM and PDF degree audit reports

All Updates for This Release

Access to the specific issue details in our Issue Tracker requires a Support Center account--request one here.

Issue Number Issue Description
TFO-3779 Build version and copyright have low contrast
TFO-3774 Linked Schools - add a column for State in a .CSV file
TFO-3771 iPhone - Programs page is hidden
TFO-3744 Degree Types do not fully display on an iPhone (for some schools)
TFO-3741 School lookup - States should be sorted by alphabetical order
TFO-3735 Manage Source Schools - add the column header with the State name in the .CSV file
TFO-3731 Column header - Delete button shows as a sortable button
TFO-3729 Course Dept displayed in the dialog box does not match the actual course number
TFO-3728 Schools with long name - hover over should display the school full name
TFO-3727 Application times out but still allows user to lookup for another school
TFO-3718 Attach PDF audit when emailing a degree audit which has the PDF report type
TFO-3716 Add the same course multiple times generates no warning message when the Course Dept starts with number instead of letter
TFO-3715 Use allow_reference_audit setting in audit request process to control display of reference audit prompt
TFO-3714 iPhone - Request Password Reset button button slightly overlaps the Email Address input box
TFO-3713 Disabled Requirement Categories are visible to users
TFO-3705 Change Branding to Promote Your School on permissions chart
TFO-3702 The same warning message is displayed twice when uploading transfer pathway file with 0 size
TFO-3700 Students cannot reset password in mobile view
TFO-3693 MacBook - revalidate, loading issue
TFO-3679 Update School Sidebar display function when viewing an audit
TFO-3666 Provide equivalencies for last 40 years
TFO-3665 TES course, range of hours incorrectly using minimum
TFO-3663 Harvester TCA int - long data type changes
TFO-3657 Popular Courses problems
 TFO-3641 Pending Degree Audit page times out for some schools
TFO-3636 Popular course database changes in 1.8
TFO-3634 CLONE - Revise display text for tca_source course LIMHRS
TFO-3631 Pop-up message for "Are you sure you're using Connector 5.x"
TFO-3629 Display HTM audit when Report Type is HTM
TFO-3628 Audit Setup page changes for uAchieve 4.4 compatibility
TFO-3625 Chrome incorrectly redirects to index.htm
TFO-3621 TES Evaluation integration - development
TFO-3620 UI messaging indicates validation in progress or completed
TFO-3619 Promote school's links for students to view
TFO-3618 Display PDF degree audit when report type is PDF
TFO-3617 Upgrade uAchieve API to
TFO-3616 Provide native uAchieve 4.4.0 degree audits
TFO-3609 iPhone - option to run an audit is hidden, but still shows the message "See how your courses might apply to this program"
TFO-3607 Add Exam and Course Title to mobile view
TFO-3600 CLONE - Replace int with long in TcaRule, TcaSource, and TcaTarget
TFO-3593 Export Options on Advising & Recruiting
TFO-3592 Freemarker error on studentprofile.htm
TFO-3590 Invalid user course crs_ym and term_desc values on some manually entered courses
TFO-3585 Revise conversion pattern's logging priority from fixed to variable length
TFO-3578 Student gets different search scores for imported courses vs chosen courses
TFO-3577 Display Department Title on Catalog Departments tab
TFO-3576 Retain department title in school_departments
TFO-3573 Check Transfer Rules improvements
TFO-3570 Add new reference audit enable/disable field to Audit Setup page
TFO-3569 Add new column to school table for reference audit enable/disable
TFO-3568 Audit Setup tab - needs new field, reference audit enabled/disabled
TFO-3566 Unknown Equivalencies - export taken date and count
TFO-3563 Promote school's links for students to view
TFO-3558 Unknown Equivs and Popular Courses display the Unable To Load Page error pop-ups
TFO-3556 Sort displayed state names by state name, not state abbreviation
TFO-3543 Error trying to run a program as a student
TFO-3536 NullPointerException (NPE) getting student's location
TFO-3521 NPE during oAuth login
TFO-3516 Incorrect specificSchool and reverseSchoolNoSubscription statistic recording on green path, Add Course
TFO-3514 Send Request for Info email to TFO support when neither of possible emails are defined
TFO-3513 Revise TES group report URL to use
TFO-3504 School lookup by name
TFO-3501 Labels needs changed to "Tuition and Fees"
TFO-3500 Labels need changed to "Tuition and Fees"
TFO-3499 Harvester changes
TFO-3472 Increase Max Course Catalog Import file size
TFO-3466 Change Lab support documentation link to Mindtouch
TFO-3462 Wrong results in Transferology
TFO-3461 iPhone/blue path - Categories Delete buttons do not line up with the Delete Courses buttons
TFO-3459 iPad - cannot see all advisees in the Done Advising page
TFO-3458 iPad - Cannot see all Active Leads
TFO-3457 Non-existent TEST Lab user tring to reset password gets a failure even though Lab user exists
TFO-3456 The trashcan icon for deleting campuses has empty link
TFO-3454 TES Group Report marked not visible in TES still shows in the Lab
TFO-3453 Non-subscribing schools are in the Request Lab Account drop-down
TFO-3452 Capture student's int_seq_no and email when providing feedback
TFO-3451 The trashcan icon for deleting campuses has empty link
TFO-3437 Check Programs - user focus is lost when selecting Run Audits button
TFO-3434 Check Programs/Request Audits - NVDA does not announce the Close (x) button
TFO-3430 Submitted Audits - Input box has empty form label
TFO-3429 Check Programs - all checkboxes are missing form label
TFO-3428 Request Audits - Override Year Term field missing form label
TFO-3427 Check Program - checkbox column has empty table header
TFO-3415 Find a Replacement Course - missing form label
TFO-3414 School Profile page - missing form label
TFO-3413 Will My Courses Transfer page - missing form label
TFO-3412 Can't Sign In page - missing form labels
TFO-3411 Contact Us page - missing form label
TFO-3377 Pathway checkbox has empty form label
TFO-3376 Delete School Partner buttons contain no text
TFO-3375 Input box for Student Referral Link is missing form label
TFO-3372 Pathway Management - Filter field is missing form label
TFO-3368 Export Course Catalog - file selection box missing form label
TFO-3367 Import/Export Course Catalog - drop-down box has multiple form labels
TFO-3366 Import Course Catalog Table does not contain content
TFO-3359 Answers page - Edit and Delete buttons have empty links
TFO-3358 Save Program button has empty form label
TFO-3357 TES Mode sidebar - Delete buttons (links) contains no text
TFO-3350 All input boxes in the Add School Request page have no form label
TFO-3349 Active Leads and Need Advising - Name columns have empty link
TFO-3347 Questions & Answers page has broken ARIA reference
TFO-3333 Recovery Code, New Password, and Re-enter Password - all input boxes are missing form label
TFO-3330 Can't Sign In? page - email input box has no form label
TFO-3320 Multiple reports of course provide wrong equivalent
TFO-3268 Need to add the option to Clear Filter on the Check Programs page
TFO-3267 Need to disable the Prev and Next buttons when there are no submitted audits to view
TFO-3266 Run buttons do not line up with column header in the Check Programs page
TFO-3259 Use mapping when loading PeopleSoft rules
TFO-3258 Mockup for Source Course Mapping
TFO-3257 Provide page to administer source course mapping to catalog course
TFO-3177 Articulate courses for degree audit - Part 2
TFO-3160 Choose export all or the current page of results
TFO-2734 Allow school to enable/disable reference audits
TFO-2721 Blue path - use "OR" to join source course(s) matching the same target course(s)
TFO-2432 Manage Programs - columns have empty table header
TFO-2302 Do not open a new tab when the Audit Notification Message is clicked
TFO-2234 TA table and Catalog Departments miss-matches
TFO-2011 Find a Replacement Course - Dept field should be disabled for non-subscribers
TFO-1946 Check Transfer Rules causes 503 error
TFO-1679 Include Taken term and count in Unknown Equivalency Export
TFO-1675 Automatically recalculate school's Match % score after weekly full reload or refresh
TFO-1321 IE10/ Matches geolocation box - browser Close button (x) and our Close button (x) overlap each other
TFO-1311 Create Authorizer for Url class
TFO-1270 Index matching is not handling duplicate courses consistently
TFO-1263 Advising Students/Clear All Filters - screen reader does not read the dash (-), and also stops reading after the word “try"
TFO-1262 Recruit Students - screen reader reads the sort image as "text" instead of the actual name
TFO-1212 Clicking the Back button after searching for specific school causes inability to choose a different school
TFO-1089 Popular Course enhancements
TFO-1085 NVDA cannot read the pop-up message in the Details column
TFO-1080 Check Transfer Rules page - cannot view all of the source schools simultaneously if a school has a large number of source schools
TFO-1063 Popular Course batch job enhancements
TFO-1062 Popular Course page enhancements
TFO-1046 Allow schools to export all unknown equivalencies at once
TFO-1001 Clicking the success box after running an audit sometimes opens the Program Requests page in a new tab
TFO-804 Department Alias for Source School Departments
TFO-736 Enable distance filter to Rule Validation page
TFO-698 Allow non-default wildcard character for course matches
TFO-692 Contact Us - need to remove horizontal lines between the message
TFO-680 Advisor needs to filter audit list page
TFO-628 Remove JS references in ftl files, where possible
TFO-612 Client logos shift slightly when tabbing off and on to the Favorites icon next to the images
TFO-610 Some colleges do not have their Standardized Exams linked to our application, but it still comes up as 100% matches
TFO-609 Long bundle names make the Edit New Bundle button display poorly
TFO-606 Mac\Safari - Validation screen - the word "total" should appear before "depts," not above it
TFO-576 Transfer to - target school moves above the courselist box when screen is minimized
TFO-557 List disappears when adding military courses
TFO-534 Transfer - the word "to" should be placed on the same line as the target school
TFO-533 Chrome - user cannot click-and-drag the scroll bars using the mouse
TFO-519 Firefox - clicking plus sign (+) buttons pushes the course box down and then back up again
TFO-513 Transferology IE8 UI Issues
TFO-506 No matches found - "Other possible matches:" - needs clarification
TFO-501 Mac\Safari - Validation screen - in the word "Match," the letter "h" should be inline with the rest of the word
TFO-478 500 error is displayed when logging in as the same user on two PCs, delete courses on one while looking up a match on the other
TFO-457 Need warning message when user forgets to re-enter password
TFO-360 Eastern Illinois - College of DuPage data issue in Transferology
TFO-348 Rule Validation needs to use department matching from Indexer component
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