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Transferology Sole Source Letter


Transferology®, the nationwide network from CollegeSource, is a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) used by more than three hundred and forty campuses of higher education nationwide to publicize transfer credit information, kick off evaluations of unknown equivalencies, and advise students.

Sole Source

While other software packages may offer places to search and/or store equivalencies, publicize transfer information, or even a workflow for handling evaluation decisions, no other software on the market is built around the unique CollegeSource database.

The CollegeSource database is the first and only comprehensive database of course and catalog information. It houses over 121 million course descriptions, drawn from more than 149,000 current and archived catalogs. This data is collected annually, at the expense of CollegeSource, for every school in the United States recognized by the US Secretary of Education, regardless of whether that school subscribes to a CollegeSource product or not. Annual collection of the data ensures that data is accurate, up-to-date, and allows for sophisticated features, such as comparing any two editions of the same catalog title to highlight specific changes. No other database is comparable in that no other database on the market is comprehensive; most contain less than 10% of the source data that appears in the CollegeSource database. Also, no other database is updated annually; others who claim to hold college course data are typically vague about the date on which the data was collected, and in which catalog it appeared.

Transferology is the only real turn-key solution on the market because of its underpinning database, SaaS platform, and integration with CollegeSource products TES®(Transfer Evaluation System) and uAchieve® Degree Audit. Other products require extensive and time-consuming data entry by the client, often requiring additional technical resources and expertise to implement. 


Students using Transferology leverage the CollegeSource database by being able to add their coursework from institutions nationwide. Subscribing institutions do not need to enter that data manually, a benefit that no other product on the market offers. Additionally, the integration between TES and Transferology allows credit evaluators to make decisions based on real student usage data, thus creating a seamless and holistic transfer solution

Key Features of the Transferology Lab

Students and subscribers each receive a unique user experience. Students use to explore, while staff at the institution utilize

Transfer Equivalencies

Quickly and easily view a comprehensive list of all the equivalencies a participating school has defined, with the ability to control the transferring to and from fields. Filters allow you to narrow results by location, military, online, and department.

Replacement Courses 

Advise students on courses they can take elsewhere that will transfer back to your institution. This reverse lookup makes it simple to see where else a student can take a course to satisfy requirements to complete their degree at your school.

Transfer Pathways 

Save time, streamline your advising workflow, and help students map their community college to four-year path using Course Bundles and Transfer Pathways. Create and reference common or unique transfer scenarios for students with Course Bundles. With highly useful, pre-approved avenues to a degree, students can explore Transfer Pathways to take courses that are not only transferable (taking advantage of partnership agreements), but also applicable to a real educational goal.

Reports and Statistics 

Measure and manage your transfer-friendliness with our reports and statistics. The Popular Courses and Unknown Equivalencies reports allow you to see what courses students are interested in, so you can proactively make equivalencies and boost your placement (match percentage) in the results list. Other powerful reports allow you to monitor traffic, requests for information, profile views, program views, replacement courses, and results clicks.

Evaluate Faster with TES® Integration 

Users designated as TES Evaluators may create evaluation tasks from courses appearing in Transferology’s Course Bundles and Unknown Equivalencies, streamlining the transfer process based on actual student interest! Equivalency guides created in TES may also be automatically imported into Transferology for display.

View Programs with uAchieve® 

Show students how their courses may apply (what-if scenarios) toward various degree programs they may be considering. This feature is available for schools that have the uAchieve Degree Audit. This way, students can see a complete audit before enrolling.


CollegeSource conducts monthly interactive webinars at no cost to users, making training available year-round. Custom webinars are available on request.



Transferology is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that requires an annual subscription for institutions and always remains free to use for students. The service is hosted on a cloud-like virtualized server array with fail-over and backup redundancy. User access is available through any Internet browser, utilizing a unique username and password combination for each user. Accounts for new subscribers are created within 24-48 hours, requiring no effort from the institution. Schools are provided with an administrator account, which is then used to generate all other user accounts. New users and their accompanying in-system rights can be established in seconds. Training for administrators (and all other Transferology roles) is free and delivered via interactive webinars.


Schools that wish to load equivalencies into Transferology from a data source other than TES or uAchieve can arrange for imports. Two imports per year are part of the subscription agreement. Additional imports are available for a fee that covers all the necessary data handling, analysis, and communication required to complete the upload. More details are available in the FAQ: Importing Transfer Equivalencies.

Letter Downloads

Here is a document you can download and customize if you require a sole source letter.

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