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Enabling Default MREF and TA Tables


NOTE: Transferology does NOT recognize all types of default or reference tables.

The following types of Default/Reference tables are recognized by Transferology:

  • Defaulting MSTREF Data - Reference Only
  • Defaulting TA Rules - Reference Only
  • Defaulting TA Rules - All Articulation Rules
  • Default TA Table with Additional Rules

Transferology does not recognize Defaulting Unknown Institutions and Courses, AKA Super Default

Please review the Setting up Default Tables page for DARwin/uAchieve default or reference tables encoding details.


Technical documentation for Setting up Default Tables is still maintained in the Support Center at this time.


For Transferology to properly use your school's equivalencies, you must notify whenever you begin using Default/Reference tables or upgrade to the 4.4.1 or newer Connector.

Connector 4.4.1 and Newer

Starting with the 4.4.1 release of The TFO Connector, and subsequent releases, the following must be commented or removed:


Connectors Prior to 4.4.1

Connectors prior to 4.4.1 require additional configuration and indexing at the school, according to these instructions.

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