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Enabling Default MREF and TA Tables Prior to Connector 4.4.1


NOTE: Pre 4.4.1 Transferology Connectors

The configuration and indexing steps on this page are ONLY required for Transferology Connectors prior to 4.4.1.



You must add several additional properties into the Below are the indexer properties and their descriptions:




Enables the indexer for either DARwin or uAchieve tables


Folder where the primary index will be created.

  • Make sure this directory is not a network mounted filesystem, since intermittent delays will adversely impact data retrieval time.


Folder where a secondary index will be created when indexing changes are made.

  • Make sure this directory is not a network mounted filesystem, since intermittent delays will adversely impact data retrieval time.


Password you MUST enter when you manually request an index rebuild through the Connector


Cron format for when the index is rebuilt. Optional, by default the index will be rebuilt every weekday at 2am.

Example indexer properties in
# tcaLuceneFlag valid values: darwin-enabled  uachieve-enabled

By default, the index will be rebuilt every weekday at 2 a.m. You may want to re-index more or less often, depending upon the frequency of changes to your TA data. You specify how often you want the index to be built by adding the tcaCronIndex property in the

Example tcaCronIndex Values

The syntax is similar to cron.

Every weekday morning at 4 a.m.

tcaCronIndex=0 0 4 ? * MON-FRI

Every weekday morning at 6:30 a.m.

0 30 6 ? * MON-FRI *

Sunday night at 11:15 p.m.

0 15 23 ? * SUN *

Quartz Cron Expressions

The cron functionality is provided by the Quartz library. The Quartz Cron expressions are similar to Unix/Linux cron expressions. This site can be used to help you define the tcaCronIndex exactly how you need it.

Manual Index Build Steps

  1. Deploy your Connector as you always have with the additional properties outlined above.
  2. Navigate your browser to
  3. Type in the password (specified by tcaIndexerPassword) and click Rebuild Index.
  4. It will take a while to come back, but when it does you will get a status of how indexing is progressing. At that point, click "Refresh" to monitor the status; it usually takes a few minutes depending on the number of TA rules. If you refresh and the page again shows "Not Indexing," then indexing is finished.
  5. If you have access to the ceg4.log, you will see a line similar to this when the indexing is complete:
INFO 11:40:16,617 [com.redlanternu.commons.indexer.TcaLuceneDaoIndexer] indexing complete, total process took 281076
Initial Indexing

After the initial index is built, we recommend indexing a second time so both the primary and secondary indexes are built.

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