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Connector on OAS


This page provides installation instructions for Transferology Connector 4.4.x on OAS
1. Download the xercesImpl-2.0.2.jar and xml-apis-2.0.2 from the Additional Resources page

Documentation for Additional Resources is still maintained in the Support Center at this time.

2. Go to your Oracle 10.1.3 or higher manager console
3. If you have not added apache.xml as a shared library, do so now (OAS, Adding apache.xml Shared Library)
4. If you have not configured the JDBC data sources do so now, you only need to configure the "DARS" datasource (OAS, Configuring JDBC Datasource)
5. If you have not configured the Connector logging, do so now (OAS, Configure log4j for Connector Logging)
6. Choose Deploy (or "Redeploy" if you are installing a new release of CEG4)

This process has 3 screens:

a. Browse for the ceg4.war file that you downloaded in Step 1 above:

b. Below are the default values (your configuration may vary):

  • Application Name: CEG4
  • Parent Application: default
  • Bind Web Module to Site: default-web-site
  • Context Root: ceg4

c. Map Environment References

  • First: map the datasource for DARS

  • Second: configure class loading
  1. Check: apache.xml
  2. Uncheck: oracle.xml
  3. Configure Application Libraries
  4. Add an external path where and ceg-model.xml will reside (ie) /tmp/ceg4
    • This folder MUST NOT contain .jar files. It MUST contain ONLY .properties and .xml files
  5. Check : Search Local Classes First
  6. Check : Include War manifest classpath
  7. Click "OK"
7. The enterprise manager displays the results of the deploy--there should be no errors.
  • Dozer JMX MBeans warning

The following is normal and can be disregarded if it appears in your OAS stdout log:

WARN 15:41:51,376 net.sf.dozer.util.mapping.DozerInitializer Unable to register Dozer JMX MBeans with the PlatformMBeanServer. Dozer will still function normally, but management via JMX may not be available.

8. Possibly increase PSPermGensize of java heap

You may need to increase PSPermGen size of java heap. Compare your current values against the values on the OAS Increase PSPermGen page.


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