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Pending uAchieve Audits


This page provides troubleshooting information to resolve pending uAchieve audits that were created by Transferology

If your server is not producing a ceg4.log, see Pending Audits via job_queue_list and job_queue_destination.

High-level Checklist

  1. The database connection defined for the Transferology Connector specifies the database server and port, user name, and password that provides access into the appropriate JOB_QUEUE, MASTREF and TCA tables for the desired environment (i.e., TEST or PRODUCTION)
  2. The uAchieve daemon uses the same database server and port as the Connector.
  3. If the uAchieve daemon uses a different username, then views or synonyms MUST be created to ensure the uAchieve daemon and Connector are using the exact sameJOB_QUEUE tables.
  4. The Connector's file defines a xservice.darwinDaemonServerName property value that matches the desired uAchieve RequestHandler's serverName value.
  5. The uAchieve request handler MUST specify enabledReports "TXT" "TRUE." See Install and Configure for more information.
  6. Audits for your enrolled students should specify a different RequestHandler than Transferology audits.
  7. The Connector is logging to the ceg4.log file and the school's technical administrator can obtain the log files.
  8. The School's technical administrator can access the defined External Audit URL for the Connector without receiving HTTP 40x or 50x errors.
  9. School's network firewall allowsTransferology to create/open an HTTP (or HTTPS) connection to the External Audit URL defined for your school.
  10. School's network firewall allows the Connector to create/open an HTTP (or HTTPS) connection to Transferology.

Degree Audit Troubleshooting

Once the above items are verified OK, follow these lower level degree audit troubleshooting steps.

Request a degree audit in the Transferology Lab from your school.

ceg4.log-Connector Receiving Audit Request

Does the ceg4.log contain errors or stacktraces?

Do the errors or stacktraces identify a database error?

Common errors may include the following: username/password not correct, constraint violation, read timed out, write timed out.

When Transferology is able to successfully send the degree audit request to your Connector, you will see lines similar to the following in the ceg4.log:

INFO 08/27 05:20:33,214 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [org.transfer.web.filters.RequestTimingFilter] Requested URI=/uselect/service/xml POST id=null
INFO 08/27 05:20:33,214 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [com.redlanternu.document.web.DocumentCommandBuilder] Content-Type=text/xml
INFO 08/27 05:20:33,214 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [com.redlanternu.document.web.DocumentCommandBuilder] contentLength=450
INFO 08/27 05:20:33,229 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [com.redlanternu.document.web.DocumentCommandBuilder] document length=1331 snippet=<NativeDegreeAuditRequestV35>
INFO 08/27 05:20:33,261 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [com.redlanternu.document.xml.XmlDocumentDelegate] xml parsed root.getName()=NativeDegreeAuditRequestV35
INFO 08/27 05:20:33,792 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [com.redlanternu.document.handler.NativeDaRequestV35Handler] received jobid=2012082708202457 returnUrl=
INFO 08/27 05:20:33,885 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [com.redlanternu.document.handler.NativeDaRequestV35Handler] successfully saved jobid=2012082708202457
INFO 08/27 05:20:33,901 [/ceg4] [http-8080-1] [org.transfer.web.filters.RequestTimingFilter] Processed URI=/uselect/service/xml POST id=null millis=687


NOTE: "Transferology is Unable to Connect"

If lines similar to the above are not visible in the ceg4.log, Transferology is likely unable to establish a connection to your Connector because your firewall is preventing the connection. No CollegeSource firewall prevents Connectors from establishing connections with Transferology.

If you see the above lines in the ceg4.log, proceed to the JOB_QUEUE_LIST section below:


Does your job_queue_list table have a row for the jobid shown in the ceg4.log?


jobid does NOT exist in job_queue_list

It is possible the uAchieve daemon deleted the row after it was processed by uAchieve. Make sure deleteRequest is false in the uAchieve daemonContext.xml.

It is possible that uAchieve processed the request and the Connector returned the audit result back to Transferology. See if the audit is still pending in Transferology.

Check the uAchieve daemon, server, and ceg4.log for errors.


jobid exists in job_queue_list

What is the value of the status column?

The 'N' status indicates the row has NOT been processed by uAchieve.

  • Make sure your uAchieve daemon is accessing to the same job_queue_list and job_queue_sysin tables.
  • Make sure the row's servername column has the same value as the uAchieve request handler's serverName.
  • Verify there are rows for that jobid in the job_queue_sysin table.
  • Check the uAchieve daemon and server log for errors.

The 'D' status indicates the row has been processed by uAchieve. Proceed to the JOB_QUEUE_RUN section.

Other statuses indicates an error. Make sure the uAchieve daemon has the correct comKey and both loadLocalStudentData and loadSISStudentData are disabled.

See Install and Configure for more infomration.

Check the uAchieve daemon and server log for errors.


RequestHandler for Connector

The RequestHandler for Transferology must have the enabledReports property with the following: <entry key="TXT" value="TRUE">

Remove enabledReports entries other then TXT. Audits for your enrolled students MUST specify a separate RequestHandler when PDF output is used.

See Install and Configure for more information.

ceg4.log-Connector Problem Sending Completed Audit

When the Connector encounters a networking error, it usually indicates your school's firewall is not allowing the TFO Connector to open a connection to TFO.

There are several different network errors but the most common are:

  • Connect timed out
  • Connection refused

ceg4.log-Connector Sending Completed Audit

When the Connector is able to successfully send the completed degree audit to Transferology, lines similar to the following will be visible in the ceg4.log:

 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,371 [/ceg4] [pool-1-thread-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.PollingTask] found 1 processed jobs to queue
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,386 [/ceg4] [pool-1-thread-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.PollingTask] TIMING dispatch jobId=2012040915385385 ms=15
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,386 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.SendingTask] TIMING inqueue ms=0
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,386 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.SendingTaskDelegate] doWork() jobId=2012040915385385
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,433 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.SendingTaskDelegate] TIMING loadjobqueuerun ms=47
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,433 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.dars.DarsHelper] about to walkJobQueueRun()
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,433 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.dars.DarsHelper] #JobQueueOuts=131
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,449 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.remoting.type.NativeDegreeAuditV35Helper] serialize(NativeDegreeAuditResponseV35)
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,496 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.SendingTaskDelegate] TIMING loadandserialize ms=110
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,496 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.XmlOverHttpSenderWithStatusCheck] sending to:
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,574 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.SimpleHttpSenderGzipPostImpl] gZipAccepted=true
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,574 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.SimpleHttpSenderGzipPostImpl] posting Data (151744) to
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,996 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.SimpleHttpSenderGzipPostImpl] HTTP Headers: {null=[HTTP/1.1 200 OK], Age=[1], Date=[Mon, 09 Apr 2012 20:12:02 GMT], Content-Length=[39], Via=[1.1 localhost.localdomain], Set-Cookie=[JSESSIONID=0F7C060C147195ABC8E399049ED5E1B6; Path=/uselect], Content-Type=[text/xml], X-Pad=[avoid browser bug], Server=[Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_jk/1.2.28]}
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,996 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.SimpleHttpSenderGzipPostImpl] Completed reading response size=39
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,996 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.SimpleHttpSenderGzipPostImpl] Sent in 500 millis: write=93 read=407
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,996 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.XmlOverHttpSenderWithStatusCheck] xml posted, raw response=<response status="0">success</response>
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,996 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.util.http.XmlOverHttpSenderWithStatusCheck] result=<response status="0">success</response>
 INFO 04/09 16:12:02,996 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.SendingTaskDelegate] successfully sent JobQueueRun for jobid=2012040915385385
 INFO 04/09 16:12:03,011 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.SendingTask] TIMING process ms=625 com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.JobInfo@1b2cbd0[jobid=2012040915385385,userid=snoopy@MIAMI,createTimestamp=1334002322386,alive(ms)=625]
 INFO 04/09 16:12:03,011 [/ceg4] [sendingExecutorDefaultImpl-1] [com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.SendingTask] TIMING total ms=625 com.redlanternu.service.xml.task.JobInfo@1b2cbd0[jobid=2012040915385385,userid=snoopy@MIAMI,createTimestamp=1334002322386,alive(ms)=625]

NOTE: If lines similar to the above do not appear in the ceg4.log, it may indicate your Connector is unable to establish a connection to Transferology because your firewall is preventing the connection. No CollegeSource firewalls prevent a school's Connectors from establishing connections with Transferology.

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