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How to run a program


Below are the steps to run a program (aka request a degree audit). The following prerequisite must first be met:

  • Prerequisite to run a program for your school
  • Programs can only be run for schools which have one of the following solutions installed at their school:

A. DARwin/uAchieve for degree audits and the Transferology Connector

B. Their own custom external Degree Audit Server


The Transferology Lab provides a school flag which controls what users are able to run programs from your school. To verify or change your school's run program flag, please email

The choices include the following:

  • School Administrators - Lab users with the School Administrator role
  • Everyone - All Lab and student users
  • No one - No Lab or student users

As long as your school does not have the No one option selected, your school's Transferology Lab users are able to request a degree audit at any time by doing the following:

If you have difficulty authenticating into the TEST Lab, please use the PROD Lab (, to reset your password since the password change/reset emails are disabled in the TEST Lab. The same password is used for both the TEST and PROD environments.

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