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The early Connector (CEG) versions 4.1.x used an in memory queue while waiting for the audit result. The JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table was introduced to replace the in memory queue and became part of the DARwin database in the DARwin 3.5.8 upgrade script. Connector releases since 4.3.x rely on the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table, however your Connector may have a revised configuration that does not use the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table.


Does my Connector use the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION Table?

If your file has one of these uncommented lines, then your Connector is not using the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table:



Ensure the Connector uses the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table

Follow these steps:

1. Verify whether the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table is in your DARwin database.

2. If not, create the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table by downloading and executing the DARwin 3.5.8 database upgrade script for your particular database.

3. Once the the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table exists in the DARwin database, ensure the database user used by the Connector has SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE privileges on the JOB_QUEUE_DESTINATION table.

4. Add/revise the xservice.jobDestinationManagerImpl property in the, to look like the following:

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