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What's New in Transferology 1.8.1


The 1.8.1 release of Transferology is a maintenance release that includes mostly backend changes to the student and the staff applications. Highlights of the 1.8.1 release include the following:

  • Program updates
    • Automatic refresh on the Program list
    • uAchieve HTM degree audit report with course links can now display TES course descriptions
  • UI improvements
    • Improved mobile experience for the Transferology student
    • Upgrade several JavaScript libraries
    • Upgrade to Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome 5.0
    • Upgrade Facebook oAuth API
    • Accessibility improvements


Watch the recorded webinar for updates introduced in the Transferology 1.8.1 release.

(the .mp4 file will be downloaded)


Release Notes

For more details on new improvements in the 1.8.1 release, see the Transferology 1.8.1 Release Notes



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