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What's New in Transferology 1.6

Transferology 1.6 Webinar
In case you missed it, watch the Transferology 1.6 Updates Webinar recorded on release day (Sep 13, 2016).

The 1.6 release of Transferology includes several improvements and enhancements, primarily in the Transferology Lab:

  • Lab users who also use TES or CollegeSource Online (CSO) will now use the same password for all three applications
  • User administration is now performed within the Lab, thus eliminating the need for a separate UMS application
  • Share Course Bundles capability for Lab users
  • Improved Unknown Equivalencies page
  • Improved replacement course email template
  • Both Lab users and students can now view a program's degree type (e.g., Bachelor's, Associate's) on various pages
  • Students can now request veteran information when requesting information from a school
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
  • Accessibility improvements

Unified Password

For those Lab users who also use TES and/or CollegeSource Online (CSO), the same unified password will now work for all three applications. 

User Administration in the Lab

All user administration is now performed directly within the Transferology Lab application. The User Management System (UMS) is retired as of the 1.6 release and is no longer utilized. 

Shared Course Bundles for Lab Users

Lab users in the Course Bundles area of the Transferology Lab have the option to share a course bundle via the Actions column Share button ():

Select the user(s) you wish to the your bundle with from the pop-up window:

Click the Share button () to share the bundle with the selected user(s); click the Close button () or () to close the window without sharing the course bundle.

Shared it!
A green confirmation bubble confirming the course bundle share will momentarily appear in the upper right corner of the screen:

On the receiving end, the user will see a notification in their own Course Bundles page:

In the Transfer Bundle Name column, a gift icon () indicates the bundle is shared. Hover over the icon with the mouse to view who shared the course bundle; the time and date info is recorded in the adjacent column.

Improved Unknown Equivalencies Page

Improvements to the Unknown Equivalencies page now includes the ability to Sort results, a new Department Filter, and the ability to mark a course as "reviewed." See the Unknown Equivalencies page.

Improved Replacement Course Email Template

The formatting and layout of the Replacement Course Results email is now more closely aligned with that of the Results page in the Transferology Lab thanks to an improved email template.

Requesting Veteran Information

Students may now request information regarding veteran's resources from the school.

Release Notes
For more details on new improvements in the 1.6 release, see the Transferology 1.6 Release Notes.
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