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"The most useful student success technologies...are designed to facilitate students' management of their academic careers: degree audit tools that show the degree requirements completed, degree planning or mapping tools that identify courses needed for degree completion, and online self-service tools for conducting student-related business."

-ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2017

uAchieve is a comprehensive degree audit and academic planning solution that enables you to build and maintain degree requirements and course equivalency information behind a seamless and intuitive user interface.


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What is uAchieve?

A degree audit and academic planning solution to help students graduate on time. uAchieve is made up of a number of components with the following functionality:

  • Producing web-based, interactive degree audit reports for students and advisors
  • Rule-building for automating transfer credit articulation
  • Running batch audits for graduation clearance and generating reports
  • Term-by-term course planning
  • Personalized course scheduling
  • Reporting options

What can uAchieve do?

  • Engage students in the academic planning process with flexible, easy-to-use tools
  • Enable students and advisors to track progress toward degree completion, increasing advising collaboration and consistency
  • Enable registrars to increase and augment academic support for students, advisors, and academic departments alike
  • Automate and streamline graduation clearance

More about uAchieve:
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