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"The most useful student success technologies...are designed to facilitate students' management of their academic careers: degree audit tools that show the degree requirements completed, degree planning or mapping tools that identify courses needed for degree completion, and online self-service tools for conducting student-related business."

-ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2017

uAchieve is a comprehensive degree audit and academic planning solution that enables you to build and maintain degree requirements and course equivalency information, all behind a seamless and intuitive user interface.

uAchieve Iinterface.jpg

What's new in 4.5.1

The uAchieve applications provide students and staff with comprehensive degree audit and academic planning solutions that:

  • promote consistency in academic advising
  • engage students in the academic planning process using flexible, robust planning tools
  • enable students and advisors to easily track progress toward degree completion

Such resourceful functionalities enable the Office of the Registrar to increase and augment academic support services related to degree audits–students, advisors, and academic departments all benefit.

uAchieve works with an existing student information system (SIS) to streamline administration processes and provide easy-to-use, web-based interactive audit and “what-if” scenario planning tools that allow students to understand the potential impact of changing majors. Together, all of the uAchieve products enhance the student experience by providing intuitive academic planning tools to create personalized paths to graduation and easily track progress toward degree completion. Implementation also enables institutions to promote advising collaboration and consistency, while automating and streamlining many graduation clearance processes.

The uAchieve Components:
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