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uAchieve Planner 4.5.1 Release Notes



July 17, 2018


37 issues



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All Updates for This Release

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Issue Number Component(s) Description
UDIR-2329 Advising DAR3.5 - Move the "View Selected Student" button up a little
UDIR-2258 Audit Planner Application does not handle INT_SEQ_NO values over Max Integer Value
UDIR-2301 Comments, Plans Notifications - the table headers are not wrapped properly because of the underline
UDIR-2310 Comments 4.5.1:Comments push to the left of the page
UDIR-2327 Comments, Plans Add Comments input box displays to far away from "Expand All / Collapse All
UDIR-2282 Plans When pushing courses from Planner to Schedule Builder, do not open a new browser window
UDIR-1842 Plans Adding Plan from What If Audit seems to be hanging with status "Running.."
UDIR-2287 Plans Text Only View: Shows buttons in front of each Plan
UDIR-2288 Plans Text Only View: Plans are no longer showing any status (declared or non-delcared)
UDIR-2296 Plans Grades not fully show for any past year/term
UDIR-2305 Plans DARwin3.5: There is an extra column under My Advisees page
UDIR-2294 Plans Rebreak - Cannot use keyboard to expand the tree to select Roadmap to add to the Plan
UDIR-2321 Plans 4.5.1/Plans: The first row in each term is being pushed to the middle of the column
UDIR-2299 Plans, Roadmaps When a user logins to UDIR first and then tries to search for a student, the error appears
UDIR-2285 Plans Delete Courses or Plan messages - the "Submit" button did not disappear
UDIR-2306 Plans DARwin3.5: The Search button displays in different places with different browsers
UDIR-2297 Plans GPA calculation - cannot see all values in the input box
UDIR-2312 Plans Rename Plan - Error HTTP Status 500
UDIR-2326 Plans Add Plan Message popup screen - the Close (X) button appears in the wrong place
UDIR-2328 Plans After pushing courses to schedule builder the delete checkboxes are no longer working when editing a plan year term
UDIR-2298 Plans Adding a new Plan - Error processing request
UDIR-2323 Plans 4.5.1/Plans: The Roadmap column & Legend dispay far to the left, to the very end of the page
UDIR-2322 Plans 4.5.1/Plans: The delete button is slightly overlapping the scrollbar
UDIR-2331 Plans Edit Plan: The checkboxes shift slighly to the right of the word "All"
UDIR-2289 Roadmaps Roadmap page looks messy, none of the buttons are lining up properly
UDIR-2291 Roadmaps Audit page - The Hours Column is not lining up properly
UDIR-2293 Roadmaps Plans without associated Roadmaps, should show '*' in front of them
UDIR-2311 Roadmaps IE11/4.5.1: The "Select your style" displays below the Menu Bar
UDIR-2303 Roadmaps Roadmaps: The delete icons are too close to the scrollbar, almost overlapping each other
UDIR-2313 Roadmaps MacBook/4.5.1: Click on Expand/Collaspe All, all arrows '>' to disappear
UDIR-2292 Roadmaps Roadmap with long name, pushes the Hours to display below its' name
UDIR-2320 Roadmaps Cannot add a new Roadmap
UDIR-2273   Upgrade Bootstrap
UDIR-2210   DefaultControllerUtils is not utilizing Institution Properties correctly
UDIR-2316   Logo Doesn't go away On medium and small screens
UDIR-2278   Icon Tree Toggle (Plan)
UDIR-2307   the settings cog is displaying shifted far to the left
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