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Degree Program Entry


Degree Program Entry * </>
uAchieve Suite Applications

Where is it used?

  • What is the current UI location?
Audit Request
  • What is the property file it used to be in?    
  • What is the former name of this property?
What is the description of what it is? Determines how the degree program will be selected by the user when submitting an audit.
What is the default setting? (if any) dropdown:W,P,T,A:webtitle,dprog
What is the database name? AUDIT_DEGREE_PROGRAM_ENTRY
Maximum character length? 75
Any related?        
How can I customize it?        
  • Difficult (XML)
  • Medium (Properties)
  • Easy (Database)

* Required

</> Special Syntax Required


DEGREE_PROGRAM_ENTRY requires special syntax that is unique to the option you choose. When following the syntax below, replace the values between the < and > symbols with values of your choosing. Three settings include manual, drop-down, and cascade:

Setting Dpstatus Options Program Column Options Selection Options Example
Manual N/A N/A N/A manual
Dropdown W,P,T,A dptitle1,dptitle2,webtitle N/A dropdown:P,A:dptitle1,dprog
Cascade W,P,T,A dptitle1,dptitle2,webtitle College,Major,Degree cascade:W,P:webtitle,dprog:college,major


User must manually type in degree program code


User can choose a degree program from a drop-down list generated based upon the current instcd


User can choose a degree program from a series of hierarchical drop-down lists (college/major/degree). NOTE: the cascade option requires that information be encoded in the Degree Programs within the DPROG table.

*  Two of the settings–Dropdown and Cascade–allow additional settings that influence what data is displayed in the drop-downs:

  1. The first additional setting determines the dpstatus value(s) that degree programs must have to be included in the drop-down list. Options include "W", "P", "T", and "A". Use as many as needed, separated by a comma (,).
  2. The second additional setting determines which columns of the degree program will be displayed in the drop-down. Options include "dprog", "dpitle1", "dptitle2", and "webtitle". Use as many as needed, separated by a comma (,).
  3. The third additional setting ONLY applies to the Cascade setting. This setting determines the drop-downs that will be displayed. Options include "college", "major", and "degree". Use as many as needed, separated by a comma (,).



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