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Eval Switch - Student


Eval Switch-Student </>
uAchieve Suite Applications

Where is it used?

  • What is the current UI location?
Audit Request
  • What is the property file it used to be in?    
  • What is the former name of this property?
What is the description of what it is? Determines what type of audit to run by students.
What is the default setting? (if any) D:D-Degree Audit
What is the database name? AUDIT_EVALSW_STUDENT
Maximum character length? 100
Any related?        
How can I customize it?        
  • Difficult (XML)
  • Medium (Properties)
  • Easy (Database)
</> Special Syntax Required


AUDIT_EVALSW_STUDENT requires special syntax. When following the syntax below, replace values between the < and > symbols with values of your choosing:

Syntax Example
<evalsw1>:<name1>,<evalsw2>:<name2> D:Degree Audit,A:Audit and Evaluation,H:Home Articulation,E:Transfer Courses,S:Audit with Course Sort,C:Course GPA and Credit Conversion

Evalsw settings are defined using an actual evalsw value, plus a name to desribe that setting to the user (e.g., "A" and "Audit Evaluation." The value and name are separated by a colon (:) and each value/name pair is separated by a comma (,). Below is an example of several settings configured:

  • uachieve.selfservice.audit.evalsw.student=D:Degree Audit, A: Audit and Evaluation, H:Home Articulation.



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