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Advisor COM Key


Advisor COM Key * </>
uAchieve Suite Applications

Where is it used?

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COM Settings
  • What is the property file it used to be in?    
  • What is the former name of this property?
What is the description of what it is? Configures which COM key should be used when running audits as an advisor.
What is the default setting? (if any) ONL
What is the database name? AUDIT_ADVISOR_COMKEY
Maximum character length? 500
Any related?        
How can I customize it?        
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*  Required

</> Special Syntax Required 1


AUDIT_ADVISOR_COMKEY requires special syntax that is unique to the option you choose. When following the syntax below, replaces values between the < and> symbols with values of your choosing:

Option Setting or Syntax Description Example
Sync sync The comKey used will be the current user's instcd

Use the sync option:


Static <comkey> The comKey used will be the one configured

Use the static option:


Dropdown dropdown:<comkey1>:<name1>,<comkey2>:<name2> The comKey used will be chosen by the user from a drop-down

Use the dropdown option:

dropdown:999:DARSweb,BUS:Business,ENG:Engineering,WIP:No IP Courses

Mapped mapped:<instcd1>:<comkey1>,<instcd2>:<comkey2> The comKey used will be determined by the user's instcd via a lookup

Use the mapped option:


InstID Mapped instidMapped:<instid1>-<instcd1>:<comkey1>,<instid1>-<instcd2>:<comkey2> The comKey used will be determined by the user's instid and instcd via a lookup.

Use the instid mapped option:



Simplified Configuration
To simplify configuration, override each Instcd with your Static COM value. This approach can be used if a single COM is used per Instcd rather than using Special Syntax.




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