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Dropdown COM Key


Dropdown COM Key </>
uAchieve Suite Applications

Where is it used?

  • What is the current UI location?
COM Settings
  • What is the property file it used to be in?    
  • What is the former name of this property?
What is the description of what it is? Used only when Advisor COM Key and/or Student COM Key is configured as as drop-down. Determines what COM key should be used when running audits in Program Matcher.
What is the default setting? (if any) ONL
What is the database name? AUDIT_DROPDOWN_COMKEY
Maximum character length? 500
Any related?        
How can I customize it?        
  • Difficult (XML)
  • Medium (Properties)
  • Easy (Database)
</> Special Syntax Required


AUDIT_DROPDOWN_COMKEY requires special syntax that is unique to the option you choose. When following the syntax below, replace the values between the < and > symbols with values of your choosing:

Option Setting or Syntax  Description  Example
Sync sync The comKey used will be the current user's instcd

Use the sync option:


Static <comkey> The comKey used will be the one configured

Use the static option:


Dropdown dropdown:<comkey1>:<name1>,<comkey2>:<name2> The comKey used will be chosen by the user from a drop-down

Use the dropdown option:

dropdown:999:DARSweb,BUS:Business,ENG:Engineering,WIP:No IP Courses

Mapped mapped:<instcd1>:<comkey1>,<instcd2>:<comkey2> The comKey used will be determined by the user's instcd via a lookup

Use the mapped option:


InstID Mapped instidMapped:<instid1>-<instcd1>:<comkey1>,<instid1>-<instcd2>:<comkey2> The comKey used will be determined by the user's instid and instcd via a lookup.

Use the instid mapped option:





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