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Program Matcher (Audits)


Customization settings, definitions, and maximum character lengths are listed below along with the products each affects:       


Required Field (*) Fields that are required are denoted with a red asterisk (*).

Default Overwritten () Properties that have been overwritten are denoted with black double arrows () and only display when a property is not set to its default.

Special Syntax Required () Fields that require a special syntax are denoted with a red slash ().


Click on a specific Admin Help setting below for more detailed information:

Enable/Disable Features

Get Current Year and Term From COM

Determines whether Program Matcher should check COM.CURYT for current YearTerm when indexing current program requirements and running audits. (1 char)

General Settings

Default COM Key*

Default COM key that is used by the program requirement indexer if one of the "indexComs" does not have one of the required com values set: INSTIDQ, INSTID, INSTCD, CMPRBGN, CMPREND, CRSBGN, CRSEND, DEPTBGN, and DEPTLNG. (5 char)

Program Matcher Type Codes

Determines which degree program types should be displayed as matched programs in Program Matcher. (50 char)

Default Eval Switch

The default EVALSW to submit audit requests with when selecting to run degree programs from Program Matcher. (1 char)

Condition Codes to Ignore

Identifies which condition codes will trigger Program Matcher to ignore a course. Do not separate by any character. (500 char)

Program Matching Timeout*

Length of time for a thread to timeout when it is attempting to match the program data. Time is specified in milliseconds. (6 char)


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