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Customization settings, definitions, and maximum character lengths are listed below along with the products each affects:       


Required Field (*) Fields that are required are denoted with a red asterisk (*).

Default Overwritten () Properties that have been overwritten are denoted with black double arrows () and only display when a property is not set to its default.

Special Syntax Required () Fields that require a special syntax are denoted with a red slash ().

Click on a specific Admin Help setting below for more detailed information:

Add New

Grade List*

The grade list is a way to organize different grades for different types of courses. For example, Pass-Fail Only courses versus regular courses. The grade list entered here identifies which grade list this grade belongs to. (50 char)


The grade value that students will select when using the Planner. (4 char)

GPA Points* 

The GPA points associated with this grade. These will be the GPA points used in the GPA Calculator calculations. (16 char)

Exclude From Calculation

Excludes the GPA points from this grade from GPA Calculator calculations. (1 char)

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