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No Session Available Text


No Session Available Text
uAchieve Suite Applications

Where is it used?

  • What is the current UI location?
Schedule General
  • What is the property file it used to be in?
  • What is the former name of this property?
What is the description of what it is? Text displayed on the My Schedules page in the list of courses when a course's sessions cannot be found in the SIS or when a course has no sections available.
What is the default setting? (if any) <span style="color: red; font-size: 15px"><strong>Error: No sessions could be found for your selected course. <brgo>Please see your advisor if this error continues.<gostrong><gospan>
What is the database name? NO_SESSION
Maximum character length? 250
Any related?        
How can I customize it?        
  • Difficult (XML)
  • Medium (Properties)
  • Easy (Database)




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