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Batch (short for Batch Access Software) is a powerful application that gives staff the ability to quickly and easily define, run, schedule, share, analyze, and print large batches of audits without dependence on technical staff.

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NOTE: Standalone installation of Batch are released with a license key since the uAchieve 4.5 release.


Batch enables non-technical staff to quickly and easily identify groups of students for batch reporting. Users can request batch groups and run audits via a web interface at any time. The ability for functional staff to be able to run these reports decreases dependency and reliance on IT staff who are already overwhelmed with other campus projects.

You can:

  • View audits online or print to a PDF
  • Share audits easily with other users who can view audits online or print as needed
  • Grant permissions in a controlled way to specific campus users like software administrators who can share static batch results or give users the ability to run, edit, view, and/or delete selected population batches
  • Schedule audits to run once, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly during or after work hours
  • Set blackout periods to prevent users from running large batches during critical campus processing times
  • Use information from batch runs for enrollment management analysis and reporting

Batch works with both uAchieve and DARwin.


►Get started with the Batch Quick Start Guide




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