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A User must be a member of a Group in order to be assigned a Role. Group-level domains are applied to Users assigned to a Group that has a Domain.

Users may be created in the security screens or added to the database from the student information system (SIS).

NOTE: No schools store their students in CollegeSource tables because it is too difficult to maintain with students constantly changing. Students are stored in the institution's SIS tables
  • For setting changes and updates to take effect, the User must logout and log back in again.

To view options for Users, navigate to the Users option on the Security menu drop-down menu:

Security, Users dropdown menu.jpg


The User Management page is generated:

User Management page.jpg

View Users

Follow these steps to view Users:

  1. Look for existing users using Search or Filter by Group functions.
    1. Search by any field/combination of fields: First NameLast NameUsernameSIS ID, and/or Email. Click Search to generate a list of matching users (in the example below, 9 matches):
      Search parameters.jpg

      NOTE: Fields are case-sensitive. Inputting search parameters will return only that data that matches on the exact letter case.


    2. Filter by Group by selecting from the drop-down menu.
      -To search all Groups, select "Show All" (the default); click Search (in the example below, 4,388 matches return since no search parameters are entered to constrain the Show All option):
      Show All.jpg
  2. Click anywhere within the row of a User to select it, and then click the View button.
    Select User and View.jpg
  3. View details of the selected user:
    User details on User Management page.jpg
  4. Basic user information is displayed in the top of the screen. Detailed user information is displayed below between four tabs: Group Membership, User Domains, Advisees, Properties.

Create Users

To create a new User, click the New button (New button.jpg) on the User Management page. Fields display to enter new user information display at the top; membership and permissions tabs for controlling user access display at the bottom:

Create new user page with callouts.jpg

Complete the following User fields:

  • Username
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • SIS ID
  • Password
  • Notes 

Click Save to conserve the Student data or Cancel to discard it.

NOTE: Only once the new User is saved do you have access to customize the User memberships and permissions on the User tabs below.

Manage User Settings

Detailed User information pertaining to memberships and permissions is accessible below on four tabs: 

Clone Users

On the User Management page, click in the row of an existing User to select it. Click the Clone button (Clone button.jpg) to clone the User.

NOTE: Be sure to input your password or none of your Property settings will be transferred to your User's clone.

Cloning a user duplicates all related information about the selected user, including the following information:

  • Group Membership
  • User Domains
  • Advisees
  • Properties

Delete Users

On the User Management page, click in the row of an existing User to select it. Click the Delete button (Delete button.jpg) to delete the User.


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