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Advisees Tab


The Advisees tab is where you may assign advisees to an Advisor user.

The list of current Advisees is displayed on the left side, with the ability to Search, Add, and Remove to the right. The Advisees tab is shown on the User Management page:

Advisees tab.jpg


Current Advisees assigned to the selected User are displayed alphabetically in the Advisees list.

Search Advisees

To search for an Advisee, type the Last Name, Username, and/or SIS ID into search fields and click the Search button.

Search by username.jpg

Any matching records will populate the search results table below.

Add Advisees

To add a new Advisee, click the name of the Advisee in the Records Found list to select it, then

Then, click the Add button (Add button.jpg):

Advisees tab, search advisees.jpg

Alternately, key in exact Username OR the SIS ID in the fields below it:

alternate search by username or SIS ID.jpg

Remove Advisees

To remove a currently assigned Advisee, click the Advisee name in the list to select it and click the Remove button.

Remove advisees.jpg



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