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Group Membership Tab


Groups are assigned by your institution. Users are assigned; Groups are then mapped to internal "roles."

This section may not be available if your institution has not implemented a way to update Groups through the Planner. The Group Membership tab is shown, by default, on the User Management page:

Group Membership tab.jpg

Group Membership

Current Group membership for the selected User is displayed alphabetically in the Group Membership list.

Add Group Membership

To add a Group Membership to the selected User, type the name of the Group into the Group Name field and click the << Add button.

Delete Group Membership

To delete a currently assigned Group Membership to the selected User, click on the Group Name in the list to select it and click the delete button (X).

Group Domains

The Group Domains area lists the Domains assigned to the selected User Group, if applicable.

Remember: Domains are only acknowledged by the Planner application, and only when building Roadmaps.



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