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User Domains Tab


Domains limit the permission scope to a certain level of your institution's hierarchical structure.

Use asterisks (*) to indicate that the user permissions for any of the values for that level. A User may have Domain permissions directly applied to their user account or inherited from Groups they belong to.

Domains are only acknowledged by the uAchieve Planner application, and only when building Roadmaps.


On the User Management page, select the User Domains tab:

User Domains tab.jpg

NOTE: For setting changes and updates to take effect, the user must logout and log back in again.


User Domains

Currently assigned User Domains for the selected User are displayed in the User Domains table by Institution, College, Department, and Degree.

Add Domain

To add a User Domain to the selected User, type the name of the User Domain into the corresponding Add Domain field and click the Add Domain button (Add button.jpg).

Add User Domains.jpg

Delete Domain

To delete a currently assigned User Domain for the selected User, click on the User Domain in the table to select it and click the Delete Domain button (Delete button.jpg).

Delete Domain.jpg



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