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Batch allows institution staff members to define, run, schedule, share, analyze, and print batches of audits. If installed, it enables non-technical staff to easily select batch groups of students for a variety of runs without dependence on technical staff for intervention. Traditionally an optional add-on application to supplement Self-Service (at which point it is referred to as "Self-Service With Batch" to differentiate it from "Self-Service" alone), the uAchieve 4.5 release introduces the ability to install a standalone instance of Batch via license key.

Once installed, Batch appears as an icon on the Self-Service Home page (and also in the menu bar):

Users can request batch groups and run audits via a web interface, as needed, with the following abilities:

  • New in 4.5  Standalone installations of Batch will now be released with a license key
  • Users can create batches from lists of students or by selection criteria as of the uAchieve 4.4.2 release
  • View batch audits online or to print the audits to a PDF file
  • Run What-if batch audit requests by specifying students' degree programs and catalog year/terms as opposed to simply running students' declared programs
  • Share the audits with other users quickly and easily, so they may view the audits online or print, as needed
  • Grant Batch permissions in a controlled way to specific campus users; software administrators can share static batch results or give users the ability to run, edit, view, and/or delete selected population batches
  • Schedule batch audits to run once, weekly, or monthly and to pre-set the batch retention period or delete at will
  • Set blackout periods to prevent users from running large batch report groups during critical campus processing times
  • Use information from batch runs for Enrollment Management analysis, for example:
    • How many students are ready to graduate?
    • How many Journalism majors haven't completed ENG101?
    • What is the average GPA of the colleges/athletes/probationary students at my university?

For more detail on Batch operands and queries, see Batch Data Points.

Self-Service with Batch works with uAchieve, and like other CollegeSource products, is evolving to meet campus needs. Client requests drive the development process.

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