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Clone a Batch



Cloning a Batch creates a clone or copy of a previously run Batch.

To see information related to new functionality allowing cloning a Batch with a new JobID, see below.


A Batch can be cloned (or copied) from the Batch Definitions tab via the Clone button in the batch table Clone column.


Click the Clone button corresponding to the batch of interest from the Run Batch list (the entire row highlights in gray):

There is no limit to the number of Batch clones that may be created.


The Add Batch screen is generated with several fields, many of which are autopopulated with content carried over from the original Batch:

  • Description
  • Datasource
  • Server Name
  • Type
  • Retention Period (Days)
  • COM Table
  • Degree Program
  • Catalog Term
  • DP Mask
  • Include Planned? [  ] checkbox
  • Exclude in Progress? [  ] checkbox
  • Report
  • Print Req
  • List All

The fields may be customized as needed for the new copy.

After customizing the fields, three options at the bottom of the Batch page include the following:

  1. Save & Continue 
    Saves the current page and continues to the next sequential tab in Batch: Description>>Criteria>>Schedule>>Share
  2. Save & Finish 
    Saves the current page and returns to the Batch Definition List
  3. Cancel 
    Cancels changes on the current page and returns to Batch Definition List



Cloning a batch (originally introduced in may be configured to present a pop-up window with two options: Clone or Replace.

The new pop-up window containing Clone and Replace config is turned off, by default, in the file.

Users may also configure which button (Clone or Replace) will be selected–or grayed out–by default when the pop-up window is generated in the file.


Click Replace to run the Batch as usual. The current results are rerun and "replaced" or overridden; this is the same Batch functionality that has always existed, where selecting to Run a Batch deleted any prior runs of the Batch.


Click Clone to create a clone of the batch with a new JobID and new time/date. This clone will not replace previous Batch results, but instead provides users with an efficient way to perform side-by-side batch audit run comparisons: the new JobID of the cloned batch consists of the inherited name of the original batch plus the addition of a date and time stamp, e.g., Batch Test Run 12/18/2015 08:27.

  • The new cloned batch will not override the previous batch run results and will maintain its own identity and results
  • If the batch name is <35 characters, the date and time stamp is always appended as the last 15 characters in the batch name
  • If the batch name is >35 characters, it is truncated down to the first 35 characters, and then the date and time stamp is appended as the last 15 characters in the batch name

Confirmation Bubble

A blue confirmation batch run bubble displays a count of the number of students and prompts the user to continue. This notification is particularly useful when running very large batches that may increase lag time.

The confirmation bubble only displays when the number of audits run in the batch exceeds the maximum threshold (set by the institution).



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