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Batch Forms


Configuring the batch.xml file follows the same format as other XML file configurations within Self-Service. Batch can be configured with various drop-down options to choose from when creating a batch. Several options have been given defaults. However, for some fields such as servername value to use, they are specific to the uAchieve Server configuration and will likely need to be changed.

Below is an example:

    <options name="serverNames">

        <option name="40TEST" label="40TEST" />

        <option name="40DEV" label="40DEV" />


What-if Batch Audit Requests

A new config in to display information about What-if Batch audit runs on the Criteria tab in Batch Self-Service requires configuration changes in batch.xml and criteria.xml.

The batch.xml can be configured to display the Forced DPROG and/or Forced DPCATLYT columns on the Criteria tab preview page when running What-if Batch audit requests.

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