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Delete a Batch


Delete Run Batch

Users that own batches or have delete permissions on shared batches may delete a run batch or a shared batch from the batch list (table).

To delete a batch, select the batch from the batch list and click the Delete button.

A green completion bubble notifies the user that the batch was successfully deleted from the list of run batches:

Multiple batches may be selected for deletion using the Select All/Select None link (). Click once to select all checkboxes; click again to deselect all checkboxes.

Delete Queued Batches

Queued batches are batches currently in the process of running by the u.achieve server based on the status of the request, as indicated at the top of the page:

As of the, users are only allowed to delete those audit requests in the queue that they personally requested for themselves (as a student) or on behalf of a student (as an advisor). This restriction prevents any user from potentially deleting an audit request/result for an audit not personally requested, i.e., the logged in username must match the userid for job-queue_list record.

For more information, see the Completed Audit Request page.




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