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New in 4.5  Batch is now accessible via license key

Your institution must have a subscription to Batch to use this application. Visit your CollegeSource My Profile page to retrieve your encrypted license key to apply.

To get started with Batch, Batch selection criteria will first need to be determined. Your campus IT staff will work with CollegeSource staff to install and configure the software. Our installation and upgrade guide can assist with this technical setup.

If running a previous version of Self-Service and you have recently licensed Batch, you much install a new Self-Service With Batch to have access to the Batch reporting software.

Once the links are configured to pull the appropriate student selection criteria, your campus IT staff will provide a URL that points to the Self-Service web application. The functional project administrator will then create user profiles using the Dashboard web application. These profiles that will be used to access the system and for the project administrator to give Batch access to campus users.


If the authentication is successful, the User ID is saved for future use. Any existing user-defined or shared Batch list is presented.

The uAchieve Self-Service Home page will now contain the following:

  • Batch icon 
  • Batch menu option in the blue menu bar 



Click either the Batch icon or menu option to proceed to the Batch page.


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