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Schedule Builder Roles and Permissions



This document details the Schedule Builder (SB) roles and permissions. Or, see the master list across all apps here.


Schedule Builder
♦ New in 4.4 ♦



Read: Allows a user to view components in Schedule Builder

Update: Allows a user to edit components in Schedule Builder

Create: Allows a user to create components in Schedule Builder

Delete: Allows a user to delete components in Schedule Builder


uAchieve Schedule Builder
  • SB_AUTOGENERATESCHEDULE: Controls permissions for the autogenerated schedule function, including preferences, bookmarks, and locks
  • SB_SCHEDULE: Controls permissions for courses and sections on the schedule
New App Function in 4.5.1
  • SB_SHARE: Controls schedule sharing
New App Function in 4.5
  • SB_BUSYTIME: Controls permissions for the creating blocks of time ("Busy Time") on the schedule
New App Functions in 4.4
  • CS_ADMIN_FUNCTIONAL: Allows the user to access all admin functions except the logging area
  • CS_ADMIN_TECHNICAL: Allows the user to access only the logging area–no admin functions
  • CS_ROLE_ANONYMOUS: Allows the user access to the "Access Denied" page. A user with CS_ROLE_ANONYMOUS with READ set to FULL can access the login screen without the "Access Denied" error.
  • CS_ROLE_STAFF*: Allows the user to access the staff menu within the application
  • CS_ROLE_STUDENT*: Allows the user to access the student menu within the application
  • CS_ROLE_USER*: Allows the user to gain entry into the application. Every user MUST have this role and must have CREATE set to FULL

The following functions are considered flags that must be set in order for other permissions to work:

  • CS_ROLE_STAFF: Must be set to FULL for everything if the role pertains to Staff of any sort
  • CS_ROLE_STUDENT: Must be set to FULL for everything if the role pertains to a Student of any sort
  • CS_ROLE_USER: Must have FULL permission across the board for all roles you create



Three types of access in Schedule Builder include Full, Restricted, and None:

FULL: User has complete access

RESTRICTED: Same as Full

"Restricted" access is the same as "Full" access across all uAchieve web apps except the uAchieve Planner.

NONE: User has no permissions to control access

Control Access

Permission must be set to use each separate function in Schedule Builder.

A simple formula to remember for setting permissions is: Action + Function + Access Type = Permission Setting


For example:

Create + SB_AUTOGENERATESCHEDULE + FULL = Allows the user to generate schedules


Create + SB_AUTOGENERATESCHEDULE + NONE = Prevents users from generating schedules

Although each function in Schedule Builder has a drop-down option for each action, it is inaccurate to say that you can control Read, Update, Create, and Delete access for each function.


Need More?
For additional information on security settings, see Schedule Builder Security Definitions.



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