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Test Self-Service


Start Self-Service

Start your servlet container. For example, if using a typical Apache Tomcat setup, you will use either startup.bat or from the <tomcat home>/bin directory.

After the servlet container has started, you should see the following on the servlet container's console or in the log file:


Navigate to http://<your server>:<port>/<app name>/general/helloworld.html to see a "Hello World" screen. In Self-Service, the page is called the uAchieve Self-Service Installation Verification page and is located under the menu bar cog ()<Help in the upper right side of the page (under the user name):

The uAchieve Self-Service Installation Verification page serves as a tool to help verify your Self-Service installation in several categories:

  • Configuration Verification
  • Database Connection
  • Security
  • Current User Details
  • Application URLs
  • Version Information
  • Help Configuration
  • Corda Chart Configuration
  • Styles



Configuration Verification

Verify the properties read from your configuration file:

Database Connection

View the database query run to check your database connectivity:


Review the security permissions held by the current logged in user (you):

License Keys

Properties currently defined in your License Key object are listed.

Application Functions

App functions and their respective CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) permissions are listed.

If a user's security settings are not working as expected or for additional information about these roles, see Self-Service Security Roles and Permissions.

Current User Details

Information about the Current User object affecting how Self-Service allows them to view information (e.g., SOPRID, INSTCD) is included on the Installation Verification page.

Application URLs

View the URLs for the application(s):

Version Information

View the current version information, including version number and time/date stamp:

Help Configuration

Learn the location of where to navigate to if you need to configure the Help URL for students and advisors in Self-Service:

Chart Configuration

Displays how charts will appear on the audit:

For additional information about graph configuration properties, see Graph Settings.


Review the look and feel of the application as it applies to Menus, Buttons, and Icons (including Audit Icons and Staff Home Page Images):



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