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Test uAchieve Planner


Start uAchieve Planner

Access your new uAchieve Planner installation to test it.

Navigate to http://<your server>:<port>/<app name>/general/helloworld.html to see a "Hello World" screen. In the uAchieve Planner application, the page is called the uAchieve Planner Installation Verification page and is located under the menu bar cog ()<Help in the upper right side of the page (under the user name):

The uAchieve Planner Installation Verification page serves as a tool to help verify your uAchieve Planner installation in several categories:

  • Configuration Verification
  • Database Connection
  • Security
  • Current User Details
  • Application URLs
  • Version Information
  • Help Configuration
  • Styles

Configuration Verification

Verify the properties read from your configuration file:

Database Connection



Review the security permissions held by the current logged in user (you):

License Keys

Properties currently defined in your License Key object are listed.

Application Functions

App functions and their respective CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) permissions are listed.

If a user's security settings are not working as expected or for additional information about these roles, see uAchieve Planner Roles and Permissions.

Current User Details

The Current User object affects how Self-Service allows users to view information (e.g., SOPRID, INSTCD) on the Installation Verification page.

Application URLs

View the URLs for the application(s):

Version Information

View the current version information, including version number and time/date stamp:

Help Configuration

Learn the location of where to navigate to if you need to configure the Help URL for students and advisors in uAchieve Planner:


Review the look and feel of the application as it applies to Menus, Buttons, and Icons (including Audit Icons and Staff Home Page Images):




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