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Updated Third-Party Libraries


New in uAchieve 4.4  Third-party libraries used by uAchieve applications have been updated in 4.4–partly to take advantage of the new features in these libraries, but also to ensure that fully supported software within our applications is being run.

Java 7

Beginning with uAchieve 4.4, all CollegeSource applications require the Java 7 JVM. Although public updates are no longer available for Java 7, extended support will be available through 2022 for many of our clients running Java 7 in their production environments.

Application Libraries

The following libraries have been updated:

  • Spring 4.3.2: the latest, stable release
  • Hibernate 5.1: the latest, stable release not requiring Java 8
  • log4j 2.6.2: performance improvements
  • Apache Commons (various versions)
  • Java 7

A new requirement for MSSQL is that the MSSQL JDBC jar is now required; JTDS is no longer supported.

Also, has gone away and logging is now configured in log4j2.xml, requiring syntax changes with configuring the log output.

Upgrading to uAchieve 4.4

For clients upgrading to uAchieve 4.4, below are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • Some features of the newer third-party JARs will expedite upgrades and new installations
  • All student interfaces will require refactoring, including SDLs
    • SDLs will need to be modified and recompiled to accommodate library changes
    • In most instances, this involves a simple updating of Java “import” statements to reference the new packages
  • Modifications and/or updates to the following components may be required:
    • Transfer Bridges
    • Oracle 12 OJDBC Driver
    • Dialects
    • LoggerFactory

Depending upon the implementation, the following may also require updating to use the newer JARs:

  • StudentFinder
  • uAchieve API



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