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Run a Batch


Once a batch is created, it is placed in a queue. The batch may be scheduled for future or routine runs, and/or shared for others to run. To run on demand, simply select the Run button in the row of the batch of interest.

The batch run is now in queue.

A pop-up window allows the user to choose between two options:

  1. Proceed with the Batch run to replace the batch
  2. Copy or clone the batch

Replace will run the selected batch. The status will immediately change from "Run" to "Running." 

While the batch is running, or scheduled, the user is not allowed to edit the batch.

Clone will copy the selected Batch and it will be added to the bottom of the running list in the batch table. The status will immediately change from "Run" to "Running" and the following Description will copy the original Batch name plus the date and run time to the end:

New config in
(green star) To control the display of the Batch Warn Size Count message with your Batch audit run, change the Batch Settings config. Turning the warning message off will improve performance.



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