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Share a Batch


Users who have been given a role through Dashboard application with app_function SS_AREA_BATCHES have the ability to share batches with other individuals.

Batch shares are overridden by admin permissions.

The release introduced the ability of batches to be shared with defined Groups as opposed to individual users.


Follow these steps to share a batch:

  1. From the Batch Definition List on the Batch page, Edit the batch you wish to share.


  2. On the Edit Batch page, click on the Share tab.


  3. The Shared Batch List is displayed:

  4. Edit an existing batch share by clicking its corresponding Edit button. The Add Batch Share window displays:

  5. Set up a new batch share by clicking the Add Batch Share button (). The Add Batch Share window displays:


  6. Input a User (e.g., "000122489") or Group (e.g., uAchieve Self-Service students, "uassstudent"); select from the drop-down menu if pre-populated. Then, select permissions for the selected User(s)/Group by placing a checkmark in the box to select ViewEditDelete, and Run. Click Save Batch Share () to save the Batch to share. In the screenshot below, a Batch is shared with a Group:

    Use careful consideration when deciding the type of access to allow to Groups of users, especially with regard to Edit and Delete options.


    Users may also share batches to Groups to which they do not belong.


  7. The new Shared Batch will now populate the Shared Batch List:


  8. To delete the shared batch, select the batch from the Delete column and click the Delete button.


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