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View or Print Batch Audits


When the batch run is complete, the audits may be viewed, printed, and/or shared. To view audits, navigate to the Run Results tab and click the purple Audit button in the View Audits column.

If a batch run is still processing, a "Running" message appears in the View Audits column until the batch run has completed:


To view audits, click the purple Audit button that corresponds to the batch of interest. The Run Result List page is displayed. 

Here, you may open batch run audits individually or all at once, as either PDF files or plain text.

Single Audit

To view/print a single audit, click on the red PDF button () or black Text button () for the audit of interest.

Multiple Audits

To view/print all audits, choose between the blue buttons: Open All in PDF () or Open All Text as PDF ().

Note that the "Audit Result Status" column on the Run Result List provides a detailed summary for what is detailed on the audit. For example, for Batch ID 40, the "Audit Result Status" reports two audits not completed and one audit errored out. Click the Audit button to view details of these audits:


From the generated PDF output, simply click the Print button on the toolbar or right-click, Print.


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