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    The Dashboard is the security application that maintains some of the common functionalities across all of the uAchieve applications that are required to run uAchieve Self-Service and the uAchieve Planner, including security and reports.



    The Dashboard (previously called the CollegeSource Security application) is the "central hub" for all of the uAchieve applications, and as such is the first step in uAchieve web app installation.

    Setup and functionality of the Dashboard is common across all uAchieve applications, with the security settings within each application being unique. Security is extremely configurable, which can add to its complexity since the configuration affects the UI of the uAchieve applications (e.g., the display or absence of different button, icons, and menu options). In addition to security functions, the Dashboard also houses reports and other administrative features.

    Dashboard has the following features:

    • Common landing page for all applications, with initial access to Reports and Admin (and possibly the Audit Comparison tool, if you have permissions)

    • Security application integrated into the menu

    • Configurable Reports/Reporting Service


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