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uAchieve Major/Minor Release Schedule

CollegeSource schedules major releases every two years and are typically released in the May/June timeframe. These releases usually include major enhancements, new functionality, and potentially significant user interface (UI) improvements. Database changes are limited to these major releases.

In the “off” years, we provide minor releases, which include enhancements that do not affect the structure of the database or UI. Minor updates are provided two to three times per year and include bug fixes and minor enhancements. No database or UI design changes are made in the maintenance releases.

Security patches are provided as needed in as timely a manner as possible.

Clients can review, create, and vote on enhancement requests and bug fixes at any time. These are submitted, tracked, and followed through the CollegeSource Support Center in the Issue Tracker. This process allows clients a voice and helps prioritize issues during the release planning process.

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