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uAchieve Components

The uAchieve suite of applications is comprised of several components:



All of the components work together behind-the-scenes to ensure a seamless user interface:



Since the components are modular, they may be configured according to your institution's needs.

  • The server is the "engine" that runs uAchieve
  • The client is the desktop version of uAchieve; Self-Service is the web version of uAchieve
  • Self-Service has an optional add-on called Batch that allows you to efficiently run large batches of student audits
  • Academic planning consists of planning and scheduling (the uAchieve Planner and uAchieve Schedule Builder, respectively)
  • Dashboard is the "central hub" for the other uAchieve applications that provides a foundation for common, cross-app functionalities (e.g., security, reports)
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