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When building Roadmaps, the same Requirements that are required for a university are also required to satisfy a college's Requirements. This scenario is where Sync can be very useful. Sync submits everything on the Roadmap to the audit (running a degree audit behind-the-scenes) to see how Requirements are satisfied in more than one place on the audit. Courses that fulfill multiple Requirements are shown where they actually apply on the student's audit during audit processing . The ability to view what is filtered out allows the user to ensure that it is being completed.

How to Sync

1. From the Audit and Roadmap View, click Sync () at the top of the page on the audit (left) side of the screen.

2. A new Synchronize page is generated with the results of the cross-check with the audit displayed.

If the audit has been completed, all green checkmarks should be displayed. If the audit requirement is not yet fulfilled, make a note of what is not yet met to make it easier when you go back to the edit view.

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