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Web Titles


Web Titles help clarify and avoid confusion and are utilized in several different areas:

  • Degree Programs
  • Requirements
  • Sub-requirements

Degree Programs

Web titles appear on the degree program within the tree structure when building both roadmaps and plans:

The web title will also appear on the audit.


  • Keep web titles consistent, e.g., BA English-History, BA English-Literature, BS Science-Biology, BS Math-Elementary Ed
  • No need to change web titles due to date ranging unless required by convention, e.g., 2007 BA English


In the absence of a web title, the uAchieve Planner will use the RTITLE text:


In this case, the RTITLE may provide clearer, more detailed instruction for users.


  • Choose either RTITLE or Web Title and stick to a single naming convention. If you choose to use Web Titles, all programs must use them and vice versa if choosing RTITLEs
  • If you continue to use RTITLE field, be sure to "clean up" text, check for errors, etc.


The Planner will default to the sub-requirement text, so adding web titles at the sub-requirement level is a good practice–even for those schools considering adding the uAchieve Planner in the future.

Roadmap Audit


To students, the sub-requirement text may not make sense. Enter the web title text (e.g., English Composition I) on the Reference/Other tab of the sub-requirement:

This web title example displays on the roadmap as follows:


  • When using sub-requirement text, be sure to check for errors and confusing text
  • You can change the sub-requirement text in the uAchieve Planner (on the roadmap), but it may be more time-consuming
  • It can help the person charged with building the roadmaps, as well–not only the student
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