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Manage Roadmaps


Roadmaps are guides to the “best” or most efficient path to graduation for a program of study. Roadmaps are built by institutions to provide a map for students (or advisors) to use to create term-by-term plans of specific coursework. Roadmaps are ideally built based on degree audits generated by uAchieve/DARwin or other audit software and require strong encoding to be in place for maximum benefit. And once they are built, roadmaps require testing and verification to ensure that they perform as intended.

Roadmaps may be created for degree programs, minors, and concentrations. Students can use different roadmaps to create multiple plans or multiple roadmaps to create one comprehensive plan. Roadmaps can be built to give students many course planning options, or they can guide students to preferred course selections–the choice generally depends upon the preferences of the program and department.

Manage Roadmaps functionality is accessible in two areas of the Dashboard:

1.Roadmaps button

2.Roadmaps in menu bar

a.The Roadmaps menu has an option to Manage:

b.The Roadmaps menu has an additional option to View All roadmaps


Click Manage to view the the Manage Roadmaps page:

Degree Programs are arranged in a tree structure in the Choose a Degree Program area. The tree structure lists degree programs numerically first to accommodate InstIDs, then alphabetically.

Use the Expand All / Collapse All to control the display of all available degree programs, or use the Expand () and Collapse () buttons to manage line-by-line display.

Don't see the degree program you need?
Expanding this list can reveal hundreds of results. Be sure to use the scroll bar running vertically along the right side of the window to scroll down the entire list.


For example, see "expanded view" in the screenshot below:


Click to select the hyperlink of the particular degree program with the roadmap you want to manage. The Manage Roadmaps page displays:

  • The top portion of the Manage Roadmaps page contains Roadmap information for adding ("building") new roadmaps
  • The bottom portion of the Manage Roadmaps page contains (existing) Available Roadmaps

Add New Roadmap

Adding (or "building) a new roadmap is done by entering roadmap information into the provided fields:

Click the Add Roadmap button (). For more information, see the Add Roadmap page.

Change Program
Change the selected degree program at any time by clicking in the Choose Program field at the top of the Manage Roadmaps page:

The display reverts back to the initial Manage Roadmaps page to allow alternate selection. Note that the current selection appears highlighted in yellow:

Available Roadmaps

Once a degree program is selected, a list of all roadmaps associated with it appears in a table near the bottom of the page:



Several columns display in the Available Roadmaps table:

Column Screenshot Description
Name Click on Roadmap Name link to open that roadmap for editing in the Audit & Roadmap View 
Number of Years*   the length of time (in years) for this roadmap
Start   term and year the roadmap began
End Year*   (if applicable) Year (in standard format YYYY) a roadmap is set to expire. Click directly in the field to display an editable field to enter an End Yerm for the roadmap.
End Term*  

(if applicable) Term a roadmap is set to expire. End Term is useful when copying a roadmap to modify requirements, but still wanting to keep the old one with the same name. End Term field is not active until an End Year is entered. Once active, set the End Term using the drop-down menu.

An expiration date set for a roadmap may not be modified. Re-activate the fields by setting the year to a future year/term, or set the year to 9999.


categorizes a roadmap as In Progress, Complete, or Published via drop-down menu. If you have permissions in the Dashboard, you will be able to change the status here without the need to open the roadmap.

Unpublishing a roadmap can affect the student to which the roadmap is assigned. When building a plan from a roadmap and changing the status to unpublish it, the student can open the roadmap. However, it displays with an "In Progress" status–the roadmap is not published and cannot be changed because it is potentially in flux.



drop-down menu provides options for Roadmap View, Copy, and Delete

  • Audit & Roadmap View: single roadmap view with the audit, cannot manually drag-and-drop courses
  • Copy: clone the roadmap
  • Delete: delete the roadmap

No renaming
Users cannot rename a roadmap, only clone it with a different name.


You may not see all of the options above in the drop-down menu, depending upon the permissions you have set in the security console. For example, if you are not permitted to delete roadmaps, that option will not appear as an action.

PDF    view/print the roadmap in PDF format
Created    date the roadmap was created
Modified    date of last roadmap update
User    username of the person that made the last roadmap update

Click directly on the Sort button () in the column header to sort data by that parameter in the Available Roadmaps table.


Every time you create a roadmap for a specific program, an audit is run and stored. A new audit is run and stored every time you open a roadmap for editing. If you make changes to your program encoding, the next time you open the corresponding roadmap, it will run a new audit and display any encoding changes.

To find out more about building/editing a roadmap in Audit & Roadmap View, see Build a Roadmap.

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