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uAchieve Planner 4.5.4 Release Notes


Our release notes provide brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features that are created with each new version of Planner.


Mar 10, 2020


69 issues



Important Highlights From This Release

     Key      Highlights
UDIR-2194 New ability to add or delete a year to an existing roadmap


All Updates for This Release

Issue Number Component(s) Description
UDIR-2496 Audit, Plans Courses cannot be moved from an audit to a plan
UDIR-2085 Comments Manage Plan - Add New Comments (2 violations): Input [radio] - A related group of radio buttons must have a grouping label
UDIR-2243 Database Update Create script for DCP_CAT_CRS
UDIR-2448 Documentation Course Availability does not matching documentation
UDIR-1881 Plans, Roadmaps Firefox - Difficult to discern whether the Cancel button is selected since it does not highlight
UDIR-2115 Plans Plan Builder/Plan/Add Message/Table header - Heading level is skipped
UDIR-2099 Plans Plan Builder - Add Message button does not have unique label
UDIR-2087 Plans Plan Builder page/Audit - Headings must be properly nested within a landmark
UDIR-2086 Plans Plan Builder - Show Help (3 violations) - Headings must be properly nested
UDIR-2263 Plans The asterisk symbol (*) - CCR of 4 - Adjust the foreground and background colors to exceed 4.5
UDIR-2253 Plans GPA/Remaining Hours box should require only numbers and not letters
UDIR-2369 Plans GPA Calc Remaining Hours is greater than five characters
UDIR-1955 Plans When only plan messages are added to the plan and no courses, the calendar should not be visible
UDIR-2513 Plans Add Plan button should disable when user enters wrong year/term, which prevents the user from clicking on the button again and generates additional errors
UDIR-2459 Plans Plan Builder - H3 headings are improperly nested
UDIR-2443 Plans When future term is deleted, it cannot be added back to the plan
UDIR-2509 Plans Year Term Configuration - If Start Day is greater than the current day, even though the Start Month is less than the current month, a server error is generated when a user creates a plan
UDIR-2510 Plans An error is generated on the Plan tab when current term in the past calendar year is not found
UDIR-2501 Plans Students should not be required to have UDIR_Roadmaps permissions to create a plan against a roadmap
UDIR-2512 Plans Attempting to delete multiple plans generates an error "HTTP Status 500"
UDIR-2090 Plans Plan/Graduation Goal GPA - Table markup must identify a table as either a data table or a layout table
UDIR-2091 Plans Plan Builder/Plan name/Term/Delete buttons - Should be unique
UDIR-1772 Plans When all courses are deleted from a term, the status indicator should also be deleted
UDIR-2514 Plans Advisor selecting from the advisee list can declare multiple plans for same student
UDIR-2264 Plans Audit and Plan Headers - Adjust the level H3 heading
UDIR-2523 Plans SQL/GPA Calculator - Entering a negative value automatically converts to positive value
UDIR-2371 Plans When attempting to approve a plan, the page is stuck loading for over 3 minutes (the user only has permission to approve plan)
UDIR-2239 Plans Completed Course column - Text has low contrast
UDIR-2097 Plans Plan Builder - Hours must exceed CCR of 3.1 and bolded and 4.5 any size or style of text
UDIR-2098 Plans Plan Builder - Add Course button does not have unique label
UDIR-2193 Plans, Roadmaps Hours text has low contrast when the plan has a past term
UDIR-1760 Plans Remove All should not remove total hours in the past term
UDIR-1735 Plans Total hours in each past term is not lining up with the total hours in the current term
UDIR-2104 Plans Plan Builder/Plan Column - All Edit Terms buttons need unique label
UDIR-2120 Plans, Roadmaps Student Access link - Headings must be properly nested on the page
UDIR-2467 Plans When moving all courses to a Plan get 'Sorry, there was an error processing your request'
UDIR-2516 Plans Select a course from an audit or roadmap to display Course Catalog Details then select another course title in red banner and course availability changes
UDIR-2511 Plans Course History page looks messy
UDIR-2194 Roadmaps CLONE - Planner - it would be nice to be able to add or delete years within a roadmap after it was started
UDIR-2165 Roadmaps When changing the name of a year / term, it will not save if done all at once
UDIR-2146 Roadmaps Audit & Roadmap View and Roadmap page - A heading level is skipped
UDIR-1646 Roadmaps NVDA does not read the select/de-select "All" button
UDIR-1765 Roadmaps When terms are manually added, they are not aligning properly until the page is re-loaded
UDIR-1740 Roadmaps Roadmaps/Action/PDF- The Sort option should probably disable in the Action & PDF columns, it does nothing
UDIR-1978 Roadmaps Groups Not Immediately Populating in Roadmap Builder
UDIR-2505 Roadmaps I tried to open Roadmap under LISTALL dprog, got an error in Audit
UDIR-2508 Roadmaps Can enter negative hours in sub-requirement Max Hours Per Course field when it is first added
UDIR-2260 Roadmaps The Or'ed? & use Requirement for Validation checkboxes - Add one or more of the required ARIA properties and states to the CHECKBOX widget
UDIR-2159 Roadmaps form controls on roadmaps are missing labels
UDIR-1783 Roadmaps unchecking and checking the or'd box on an or'd group is causing the or group name box to gray out
UDIR-2522 Roadmaps Roadmaps - The Course Catalog Details dialog does not resize properly when selecting courses to display without closing the dialog first
UDIR-2148 Roadmaps Roadmap/Edit & Delete Requirement buttons need unique label
UDIR-1653 Roadmaps FF & IE - NVDA does not read the actual name of the chosen program
UDIR-2517 Roadmaps Should not allow user to add roadmap with negative hour for the courses
UDIR-2526 Student Profile DAR: View profile and then click on Schedules, got error processing request
UDIR-1909   Logging for DefaultDCPDomainService
UDIR-2446   Do not display internal term codes next to term descriptions in drop-downs
UDIR-2425   Requesting control over the text on the pop-up status notifications in
UDIR-2466   Requesting an audit for a Plan uses CollegeSourcePrincipal rather than the reloaded CollegeSourceUser
UDIR-1914   Add Auto-expand requirements property for Planning from the Audit
UDIR-2515   Can't add or edit existing plan
UDIR-2500   Every time I click on Notifications, I got internal server error.
UDIR-2434   What-If plan - clears chosen catalog year when switching between roadmap and audit view
UDIR-2493   Planner - not reloading dropdown list under "create a new plan" when switching institutions
UDIR-2405   Planner - allow schools to use courses that are right-justified
UDIR-2463   When Show Availability is set to false, popup doesn't work when clicking on course
UDIR-2444   Courses duplicate on roadmap when they are deleted from plan
UDIR-2470   When adding a course to the plan with a flagged icon the flagged icon should also show at the term level
UDIR-2524   Using Planning from what-if, Plan gets created twice


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