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Create ORed Roadmap Requirement Groups


When Building Roadmaps

When building Roadmaps, you have the option to group Roadmap requirements together into "ORed groups," i.e., satisfy THIS Roadmap requirement OR THAT Roadmap requirement.

Your Roadmap should reflect your encoding, so we recommend using these ORed groups ONLY in conjunction with ORed sub-requirements that you have encoded within DARwin/u.achieve.

On The Audit

ORed sub-requirements on the audit in have an "OR" icon () next to the sub-requirements contained within an ORed group:

On the Roadmap

ORed sub-requirements on the Roadmap in appear in colored blocks and are labeled according to Group #:


Adding Courses to the Roadmap

Drag-drop each course from the audit side over to the Roadmap into the appropriate term:

The number of hours is increased to reflect the addition (e.g., +3).

Drag-drop another course from the audit side over to the Roadmap into the appropriate term:

Again, the number of hours is increased to reflect the addition (e.g., +3). 

Notice the hours from each Roadmap requirement are totaled into the Term and Year sum. Once they are both added to a Group, the Term and Year hours will only use the hours from the first requirement, not both.

Be careful of Sub-Requirements that contain course lists; you may need to drag the lists over individually.


Be sure to arrange your Roadmap requirements into the best order before you add them to a group. This arrangement ensures that uses the correct hours value.


Create ORed Requirements on the Roadmap

To place requirements into a grouping, click on the Edit () button to generate a requirement editor, allowing you to modify the requirement and Sub-Requirement names, modify requirement hours, and create groups. Check the "ORed?" checkbox to activate the OR Group Number drop-down menu and OR Group Name field. Select an OR Group Number, key in an OR Group Name (or keep the default name), and click Save.

Upon Save, the Requirement assigned an OR Grouping is highlighted in a colored box (e.g., pink). Each of the OR Groups is color-coded for easy differentiation. These color values may be changed by editing the or-groups.css file. See Color-Coding by Group.

Repeat this process of OR Grouping for each Roadmap requirement you wish to add to the group.

Once the requirements have been added to a Group, the Term and Year hours only use the hours from the first requirement in the group.

What Students See

In the Audit and Roadmap View, the student sees the same information you see in the Audit and Roadmap View.

Once a student adds a course from an ORed group, it will decrement the hours for that Roadmap requirement as it always has, but now once one of the requirements in an ORed group has been satisfied, it will collapse the entire ORed group. In this way, students will not see the rest of the ORed Group and will know there is no need to plan for the other requirements.

Color-Coding by Group

Group 0 - #FFCECE

Group 2 - #FFE099

Group 4 - #D2FFC4

Group 6 - #DBEBFF

Group 8 - #FFC8E3
Group 1 - #FFE2C8 Group 3 - #FFF284 Group 5 - #CFFEF0 Group 7 - #D7D1F8 Group 9 - #EDA9BC


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