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Copy Roadmap


The "Copy" icon is available on both the Roadmap & Audit View and Roadmap Editor View pages. Clicking on this icon will open a new page. You can also select 'copy' from the Action menu on the Manage Roadmaps page

Copying a Previously Existing Roadmap


  • Select the roadmap you'd like to copy in the table or by hitting the icon at the top of the roadmap builder page.
  • Hit the "copy" button. You will be taken to a new screen in which you can give the roadmap a name, change the length of time for which it available and the start year and term.
  • Once you've renamed it and selected the start year/term and length of time for the roadmap to span, choose a view. You can choose "Roadmap Only" or "Audit and Roadmap View". The roadmap only view will allow you to manually build a roadmap or modify it. The audit and roadmap view will allow you to drag and drop from the audit for the degree program you have chosen.


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